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Consumer News Quickies

List of 63 Bed, Bath & Beyond Stores Closing Soon

How to Fix Some Mask Annoyances (video)


If Your Car Is Recalled...

Beware Fake Going Out of Business Sales Online

Some Cash Apps Scams Can Drain Your Bank Account

You May Be Able to Get Insulin for Less

How to Avoid Dynamic Pricing of Airline Tickets (video)

Young Girl's Tip Leads to Finding Abusive Scam Apps

NJ Consumer Officials Fine Price Gougers

Brooklyn Butchers Plead Guilty to Labeling Choice Beef as Prime

Why Is Health Care So Expensive in the U.S.?

With Historic Low Rates, It May Be Time to Refinance Your Mortgage

Majority of KN95 Masks From China Fail 95% Filtering Test

Ohio Appeals Court Throws Out Case Against Gap's Fine Print

CA Orders New Cars to Be Emissions Free by 2035

Major Report: That Car You Are Buying Online May Not Exist

Whole Foods Workers Irritated by Amazon Prime Order Pickers

Venmo Tells Scammed Customers With Negative Balances to Pay Up or Else (Blocked by some browsers)

Amazon Prime Day Rumored to Be October 13-14

Why Have Prescription Drugs Gone Up So Much?

In UK, Walgreens' Owner Intros Cosmetic Package Recycling to Earn Points

Consumer Groups Ask CFPB to Restore 30 Day Rule to Investigate Credit Report Errors

Deadline Near for Compensation for Apple iPhone 6/7 Owners

The Secret Life of Groceries Book Excerpt (Click "Look Inside" on left)

Why Home Sellers Overvalue Their Homes; Risks of Doing So

Plastic Recycling Not Working (an NPR podcast)

CA Passes a Dozen New Consumer Protection Laws

Electric Cars Cost Less to Maintain Than Gasoline-Powered Ones

That Jar of Honey May Be Adulterated

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Top Stories

Consumer World Original

Mouse Print* -- That Computer Tablet From China May Not Be Up to Spec

mouse print A Mouse Print* reader wanted to share his story about getting a great deal on a computer tablet only to discover that the seller was really selling old technology cleverly disguised as a state-of-the-art model. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Drug Prices Compared Using Different Discount Cards/Plans

pills If you have a high co-pay or deductible, no drug coverage, are in the donut hole, or otherwise just want to check if you can save money using a free discount drug card/plan, take a look at this price comparison. Fifteen drugs were comparison priced on GoodRx, Blink Health and three others. The winner was NOT GoodRx, but a site MrConsumer found a couple of months ago - RetailMeNot's RxSaver. No one site is cheapest on every drug, however, so do your own comparison.


Updated daily

Money's Best Places to Live 2020

homes Money magazine just picked its 50 best places to live. They considered data about every location's economy, housing market, cost of living, diversity, public education, health and safety, weather and lifestyle, and amenities. They put the greatest emphasis on economic factors. Expect to learn about towns you never heard of.

Investigation: Travel Agents Running Ponzi Schemes With Consumer Deposits

Hotel A major investigation by USA Today reveals that since the pandemic began, many travelers are discovering that deposits they made with travel agents were not always turned over to the hotels or airlines with which they booked. No wonder refunds have been hard to get. And there are some cases where these agents received refunds, but have not given them back to customers.

Consumer Humor

Sign of the Times at CVS

CVS sign

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Bargain of the Week

Comforter Sets - 40% - 75% off

Home Depot is the last place you might expect to buy a comforter for your bed, but they have a surprisingly large selection at 40 to 75% off. You can't see them at the store. You have to order for pickup at the store (free), or home delivery (free with $45 purchase). Many of these comforters come with pillow shams. Some are quilt or duvet sets. Example: This 100% cotton full comforter set is marked down from $89.97 to only $23.39.

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Consumer Reports

What Is Really in Your Bottled Water?

Consumer Reports recently tested 47 bottled waters, including 35 noncarbonated and 12 carbonated ones. They found toxic PFAS chemicals in several popular water brands, especially carbonated ones.

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