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Consumer World is a public service, noncommercial consumer resource guide with over 2000 links to everything "consumer".

Consumer World was founded by Edgar Dworsky (aka "MrConsumer") in 1995. A companion site spotlighting the loopholes in the fine print of advertising,, was launched in 2006. In 2013, Edgar unveiled, a site where consumer reporters and consumer organizations around the country can post consumer stories, TV segments, investigations, and press releases to share with their colleagues and general public. Edgar has been a consumer advocate and consumer educator for over 40 years.

Edgar is a consumer lawyer who has authored a number of consumer protection laws, including the regulations under which the Massachusetts Lemon Law operates. He was formerly the Director of Consumer Education at the Massachusetts Executive Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation in Boston. Edgar is a former Massachusetts Assistant Attorney General in consumer protection, and was a consumer education consultant for the Federal Trade Commission. He was also the consumer reporter for the then CBS television affiliate in Boston.

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