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Mouse Print* -- Chevy's Advertised Reliability Claims Challenged

mouse print Chevrolet just launched a new advertising campaign on TV claiming that its cars are more reliable than Toyota, Honda, Ford and 23 other car brands. Really? We checked the fine print and dispute their justification. You won't believe the basis for their claim. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

There's Lots More Than 3 Credit Reporting Agencies -- How to Get Free Copies of Their Reports on You

credit report Most people know they can get a copy of their credit report from the leading three credit bureaus once a year at But you probably don't know that there are dozens of other agencies that have financial data about you, and they too have to make their reports available to you free.


New-Fangled Electronics Unveiled at CES Show

bright ideas Every January the latest consumer electronics are put on display at CES in Las Vegas. Here are dozens of this year's new-fangled gizmos.


The Impossible Burger 2.0 Looks and Tastes Like Real Beef, They Say

impossible burger A bit of unusual "technology" was unveiled at CES last week -- the Impossible Burger 2.0 . It is a hamburger substitute that is plant-based. It is said to have the taste and texture of ground beef, and it even bleeds. (Video, with autoplay, shows how it is made.]

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Get a Free Bag of Purina One

Purina wants you to take the 28-day challenge and they'll send you a free bag of Purina One for dogs or cats. Sign up here.

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Fixes for Spotty Wi-Fi at Home

Do you have a lousy wi-fi signal at home? Consumer Reports offers some tips to improve Internet reception without having to buy a new wireless router.

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