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Week of March 27, 2023
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FTC Proposes Rule to Make Cancellations Easier -- Just "Click to Cancel"

FCC Wants All-Inclusive Cable Pricing, Banning Junk Broadcast and Sports Fees


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Mouse Print* -- Everyone's Complaining About Toothpaste

mouse print Over the past few months, we've received more complaints about toothpaste than any other product. It's gotten too thin, it's full of air, it's shrinking, etc. See what everyone's upset about, and add your own toothpaste gripes. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Consumer Rage Hits All-Time High

Mad consumerr According to a new study, second-rate customer service efforts have led to more consumer rage than ever, with consumers becoming more belligerent when complaining. Sixty-three percent of consumers said they felt rage about the complaints they had. See more fascinating statistics about the appropriateness of being uncivil at times.


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Most/Least Expensive States for Retirees

hammock To determine the country's most affordable states for retirees, Seniorly analyzed eight financial metrics about the cost of healthcare, cost of living, retirement income, taxes, and senior poverty rates. The mountain states region was the least expensive, while California, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts were the most expensive. (MA was worst.)

Consumer Alert

Convincing Scam Highlights Need for Updating Bank Funds Transfer Law

A 22-year-old Virginia woman lost $12,000 to a convincing bank scam, but the bank said a 1978 law didn't require them to cover her loss. See what needs to be tweaked in the law to better protect consumers.

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Bargain of the Week

Flower and Vegetable Seeds - 25 Cents

Remember those seed packets that once sold at Walgreens for a dime? Dollar Tree has them for 25 cents each. Buy now before they are gone. They are usually in their own tall, compartmentalized display box.

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Consumer Reports

Top Car Insurance Companies Are Not the Ones That Advertise the Most

If you think that all the TV commercials you see for Geico, Progressive, and Liberty Mutual car insurance companies make them among the highest rated, think again. See which ones are the top four car insurance companies according to Consumer Reports readers.

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