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Some Restaurants Markup Menu Prices to Offset "Free Delivery"

P&G Raising Prices Again


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Mouse Print* -- Apple's New OS Predicts Your Impending Death

mouse print Apple launches its new operating system this week and one of its new features is taking Mac owners by surprise. A poorly placed asterisk is creating some morbid chuckles. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

How Prices Have Changed Over the Past Two Decades

prices changes We're in a period right now of very noticeable inflation, but not everything is going up. Using government statistics, this chart shows which major categories of things have shot up in price over the past twenty years and which have gone down. Topping the list: hospital charges have more than doubled. But TVs cost 80% less than they did in the year 2000.


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Car Rental Companies Ranked

rental car If you are thinking of renting a car around the holidays this year, know that rental car prices are still crazy high. Renters reported an average price of $90 a day in August. Over 4000 renters also rated their satisfaction with rental car companies. Topping the list is Enterprise. And surprise, both Hertz and Avis ranked below average.

Consumer Alert

Scam Targets Bank of America Customers

If you get a text that looks like it came from Bank of America asking if you just made a withdrawal of $xxxx.xx, do not reply. It is a scam to trick you into transferring money via Zelle to the crooks.

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Bargain of the Week

Colgate Optic White or Total Toothpaste - 2 Free After Coupon

Through October 30, repeat of a sell out! Even if you did this deal the past two times, you can do it again! Get two tubes of these and some other varieties of Colgate toothpaste (sizes mostly in the 3-4 oz. range) free after a $7.98 coupon found online at CVS. (Look for items marked "Sale 2 for $7.98.") Add the new coupon to your card electronically, or print it.

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Loose Onions Linked to Salmonella in 37 States

The CDC just issued a warning to anyone with unlabeled loose onions at home -- throw them out -- because of a large multi-state outbreak affecting nearly 700 people.

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