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Mouse Print* -- Do Toner Cartridges Really Deliver the Promised Number of Copies?

mouse print Printer toner cartridges all promise a certain number of copies at 5% coverage when you buy their brand. One consumer knew from day one that he was not going to get what he paid for. We'll share his trick. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Quiz: Can You Spot the Fake?

fake An estimated $54-billion is spent every year on counterfeit products. You're not only getting an inferior product, but it could also be unsafe. Can you spot the fake when it is advertised? Take this fun quiz.


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Pros and Cons of Medicare Advantage Plans

medicare Open enrollment began last week for seniors to pick a new Medicare insurance plan if they so choose. Many people love Advantage plans that are all-in-one plans run by private insurance companies so you never have to deal with Medicare. But many have copays up the wazoo, and often a narrow network of doctors that accept their insurance. Consumer Reports explains the pros and cons.

Consumer Investigation

Refurbished Electronics Sold by Best Buy Third Party Sellers Tested

CBC Marketplace examines and tests refurbished electronics it bought from Best Buy's marketplace sellers, and discovers some real problems. Using hidden cameras, it also asked Best Buy's clerks their opinion of buying refurbs from third party sellers.

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Bargain of the Week

Get $10 Off at Panda Express With PayPal or Venmo; $10 off $20 at CVS With Venmo

Until November 9th, select PayPal and Venmo accounts will display a $10 off a $10 or more purchase at Panda Express when you pay by allowing the cashier to scan your QR code. Look for the offer in your account. If it is not there, you may or may not be out of luck. (Some people report getting the $10 back instantly even if the offer did not show in their account. Your results may vary.) At the restaurant, go to the cashier first to make sure he/she knows how to scan a PayPal or Venmo QR code. Note that most Venmo accounts have a $10 off a $20 purchase offer at CVS buried in their offers menu (part of settings). You can use that promotion for almost anything including gift cards.

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Consumer Reports

Best Air Purifiers Under $350

Consumer Reports offers tips for picking an air purifier, and lists the model number and prices of some of their picks.

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