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Week of April 15, 2024
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USPS Seeks Another Postage Increase

Hidden Costs of Home Ownership Skyrocket (WSJ Pass if needed)


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Mouse Print*-- Here We Shrink Again - Spring 2024 - Part 1

mouse print It is that time again for us to spotlight a dozen products that have been downsized (shrinkflation) including some big national brands. We'll display them half this week and half next. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

"Nutrition Facts" Labels for Internet Service Now Required

Broadband Facts

Starting now, when you shop for home or mobile internet service you will see a disclosure label similar to the Nutrition Facts panel found on food. Each label will include monthly broadband prices, introductory rate details, data allowances, broadband speeds, and links to find out about any available discounts or service bundles. The FCC says the disclosures should be prominently made and not make broadband shoppers have to hunt for it. But, quickly poking around various internet providers' sites, it may not be easy to find the new broadband disclosure label.


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States With the Highest/Lowest Lifetime Tax Burden

taxes If you look at one's lifetime, can you even imagine how much you will have paid in income, property, sales, and other taxes? The average American will pay $525k in taxes (not including estate taxes). But if you live in certain states, you'll pay a lot more OR a lot less. Find the tax bite in your state, as well as which states tax the most and the least.

Consumer Future

Smart Carts Coming to More Stores

Amazon is giving up on ceiling-mounted cameras and sensors, and expanding the use of smart carts in stores like Whole Foods. Here is a demonstration.

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Bargain of the Week

Free Cone at Ben & Jerry's - April 16 Only

From noon until 8 p.m. on Tuesday, April 16th only, get a free ice cream cone at participating Ben & Jerry's locations. (See list).

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Consumer Reports

Kids' Lunchkits Found With Contaminants, High Sodium

Last week, Consumer Reports urged school boards to drop Lunchables from school lunch menus because the contents are highly processed, contain a lot of salt, and some potentially concerning chemicals.

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