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Week of May 22, 2023
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Product Makers' Restrictions Limit Use/Repair of Products You Bought

Egg Prices Are Falling Finally

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Mouse Print* -- Get a Free 55-inch HDTV*

mouse print In what could be one of the most generous giveaways ever, a company is proposing to offer 500,000 people a free 55-inch television. We examine the fine print and reveal the catches. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

The Menace Inside Your Deli Sandwich

deli sandwich The deli meat in your sandwich is the latest target for health warnings. The World Health Organization is coming up with recommended limits on sodium and nitrates in processed meats such as sliced ham, sandwich meat, bacon and sausage. They are linked to a range of health problems [alternate link] including heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer and dementia.


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Don't Fall for a Fake Celebrity Product Endorsement

Oprah As consumers, many of us are influenced by products recommended by celebrities. Crooks know that and often claim a particular celebrity uses or has actually created the product. See the list of fake products that celebrities had nothing to do with despite the use of their name on the product or in ads for it.

Consumer Eyeopener

Secret iPhone Setting Used by Thieves Prevents Recovering Your Phone or Data

[Ingore WSJ ad at beginning.] Imagine losing your iPhone. You might first want to try "find my iPhone" but discover you can't. You might then try to recover important things from iCloud. But you are thwarted there too. What's going on? As reported in this WSJ story, thieves have found a way to lock you out of your Apple accounts.

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Bargain of the Week

Home Depot Mulch - $2 a Bag

With Home Depot's Memorial Day sale, you can once again get full 2-cubic-foot bags of Vigoro mulch for only $2.

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Consumer Reports

Is There Any Truth Behind the "5-Second Rule?"

Say you drop a potato chip on the kitchen floor and pick it up immediately. What do you do then? Do you throw it out, or eat it because it was only on the floor for a second or two? Consumer Reports looks at the science, and provides examples where it might be okay to eat the dropped food.

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