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How Long Will $1-Million Last in Retirement in Every State?

stretch a dollar You may think you're sitting pretty if you have been lucky (or diligent) enough to have accumulated a million dollars for retirement. Think again! How long that money will last depends on where you live. Here is a 50-state comparison.

Which Cell Carriers Provide the Best Customer Service?

cellphone J.D. Power questioned nearly 15,000 cell customers about their experiences with the customer service departments of cell companies. For full service companies, T-Mobile won by a landslide with five stars, and Sprint rated only two out of five stars. In the category of bargain prepaid services, Consumer Cellular topped the list far outdistancing all the other competitors.



Major Credit Cards Cut Benefits

credit cards August has been a bad month for credit card customers. Many major credit card issuers, like Chase, Citi, and Discover are watering down the benefits they offer cardholders. Here is a summary of changes, including cutbacks to price protection, extended warranties, lost luggage protection, and more.

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Mouse Print* -- Tropicana Orange Juice Downsizes Again!

mouse print Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader, we just learned that Tropicana is in the midst of another round of downsizing. Long gone are the 64-ounce containers. Now the 59-ounce carafes are headed for the waste heap too. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Quicken Deluxe - 2 Year Version - $39.99

Quicken was always a three year program before you could no longer use online services. It was changed last year to only one or two years depending on what version you bought. Now, Best Buy is now offering a two-year version for only $39.99. This is the lowest price we've seen. Under their new system, the two-year period starts when you install the software, not two years from the date on the box, we believe. icon . ++

$15 off a $50 "Household Essentials" Purchase at Target

With the coupon on page 23 of this week's Target circular (or in their app), save $15 on a $50 purchase of Household paper products Household cleaning & tools Disposable food storage Laundry care Dish care Trash bags Air fresheners Pest control. Good through August 18. icon

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How to Stream Movies for Free

Last week, Consumer World showed you the various pay options to stream TV programs instead of paying for cable. Now Consumer Reports offers tips on services that will allow you to stream movies free.

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