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Week of June 10, 2024
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Senior Loses $700K+ in Scam (WSJ Pass if needed)

22 Ways to Save Money on Groceries


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Mouse Print*-- Hey Campbell's, Where's the Beef?

mouse print Would you be upset if the beef and vegetable soup you bought had very few pieces of beef in it? One consumer was and she sued the company -- Campbell's. But we think her chances of winning, shall we say, are m'm, m'm not good. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

How to Keep Your Car From Spying on You

car Microphones, cameras, and apps in newer cars have a potential dark side. Many can track where you go and when, how fast you drive and how hard you brake, where you park and spend time, and even what music or podcasts you listen to. Such information can be a gold mine for marketers and insurers and a target for hackers. The WSJ reports how you can take back some control. (WSJ Pass if needed.) And here is a second in-depth story just published this past Sunday by the NYT -- Is Your Driving Being Secretly Scored?


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States With Highest/Lowest Gas Prices

gas prices As of last week, the average price for gasoline was $3.47. But in some states, the price is much lower or a crazy amount higher. Here is AAA's latest survey of gas prices. Just click the "Regular" button to sort the list from cheapest state (under $3) to the most expensive (nearly $5).

Consumer Alert

Check Washing Scam Takes Another Victim

[Ignore ad at start.] A Massachusetts consumer dutifully paid his real estate tax bill recently putting a check for $1200 and change in a nearby mailbox. Later he saw the check was cashed, but got a late notice from the city. It was only then that he looked at the image of his cashed check and saw that the payee line had been changed. The $1200 went to a crook instead of the town. Here's more about this story.

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Bargain of the Week

5 Arby's Roast Beef Sandwiches - $5

In time for "National Roast Beef Day," Arby's is offering five of its classic roast beef sandwiches for only $5. Offer good June 10 - 16 only via their app or

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Age-Old Question: Is It Better to Rent or Lease Your Car?

Consumer Reports explains the circumstances when it is better to lease a new car and when it is better to buy it outright.

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