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Mouse Print* -- Wayfair Called Out for Exaggerated Savings Claims

mouse print Wayfair's big "Way Day" sale was earlier this month where the popular home furnishings seller claimed the lowest prices of the year and savings up to 80% off. In the course of checking out the deals, Consumer World discovered the company appeared to be making exaggerated savings claims based on misleading price comparisons. We checked a small sample of items to see if you really could save a lot more on Way Day compared to any ordinary day. In the process, we discovered something even more startling. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

10 Healthy Foods That Really Aren't That Good for You

microwave popcorn There are a bunch of foods that people generally think are healthy to eat. The trouble is that not all varieties of those foods are really good for you. Take popcorn, for example. While air popped popcorn is low in fat and calories, microwave popcorn tends to be high in sodium and fat. Here are 10 "healthy" foods where you need to be more choosy.



Some Bottled Water Contains Unsafe Levels of Arsenic According to Consumer Reports

bottled water Consumer Reports reviewed hundreds of public records and test reports for 130 brands of bottled water. It identified 11 brands that had detectable levels of arsenic. Six of them had levels of arsenic above three parts per billion, which Consumer Reports believes is potentially dangerous for people who drink that water over an extended period of time. See the brands affected.

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Bargain of the Week

Amazon Warehouse Deals - 20% Off

Monday, April 22 only, in celebration of Earth Day, Amazon is offering 20% off on everything in their warehouse of used goods. Check what warranty, if any, you get on these goods. ++

Recycle Electronics Free at Staples and Get a $10 Off $30 Coupon

Until April 27, Staples rewards members (free loyalty card) can recycle many different electronics items at Staples for free, and get a $10 off a $30 coupon in the process. See their list of what is and what is not recyclable there. Limit one coupon per customer.

Freebies and Deals for Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day, a number of places are offering special deals and freebies. For example, Best Buy is offering a 40% discount on open box items.

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Which Grocery Chains Are the Most Price Competitive?

If you are looking for lower prices on groceries, Consumer Reports spotlights 13 chains across the country that tend to be the most price competitive.

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