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You Won't Void Your Warranty Using Generic Parts

warranty The FTC sent warning letters to six businesses last week (which they won't identify) telling them that it is illegal to tell customers that their product warranties will be void if repairs or parts by other than the manufacturer are used. This suggests that a printer manufacturer, for example, cannot force you to use their brand of ink or toner under threat of voiding the warranty. Here is more detail on the FTC's warning to businesses.

10 Most/Least Affordable Housing Markets

house Zillow looked at areas of the country where earnings are keeping up with housing prices and people don't have to spend a huge percentage of their income on their home. Using that measure, here are the 10 most affordable housing markets in the country (and the 10 least affordable). The most affordable city is Oklahoma City, while Los Angeles is the most costly.



Don't Let Your Airlines Miles Expire!

airplane If you don't pay attention to your frequent flyer accounts, you could lose your accumulated miles. Here is a list of the expiration periods for all the major airlines. Typically, as long as you make even a small deposit or use of miles, that will renew the expiration of all your miles. Using an airline's online mall which links to retailers where you buy stuff from anyway is the easiest way to preserve your miles.

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Mouse Print* -- Here We Downsize Again (2018) - Part 1

mouse print Once again, our eagle-eyed readers have found more products that have been downsized, thus passing on a sneaky price increase to shoppers. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Tax Day Freebies and Discounts

To ease the burden of tax day, April 17, a number of restaurants and sellers are offering a number of freebies and discounts.

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Do Sunscreens Expire?

Is sunscreen you bought last year still good this year? Consumer Reports has tested old sunscreens, and offers this recommendation for how long they will remain effective.

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