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TV Drug Ads Soon to Include Their Price; Million Dollar Pills on the Horizon

prescription pills Last week, the Food and Drug Administration announced new rules requiring drug manufacturers to disclose the retail price of prescription drugs that it promotes in television commercials. The hope is it will make consumers think twice before asking for a particular drug and might even bring down drug prices. This comes not a minute too soon, as some drug companies see some new drug treatments costing as much as one to two million dollars.

America's Favorite/Least Favorite Airlines and Hotel Chains

hotel The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) is out with its annual travel report. While satisfaction with U.S. airlines was up, hotels took a dip. Alaska, JetBlue, and Southwest top the airlines list, while Hilton and Marriott take top honors for hotels. TripAdvisor came in first place for Internet travel sites primarily because of its vast collection of travel reviews. The full detailed report is here.



11 Surprising Uses for Everyday Items

smart ideas These are similar to hints from Heloise, but without the famed household guru. Got a stuck zipper? Use a crayon on both sides to unstick it. Want to make candles burn longer? Freeze them the night before, and add some salt into the pool of melted parafin after lighting. Here are nine more novel uses of common products.

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Mouse Print* -- How Much Cereal is Really in This Box?

mouse print A faithful reader (literally and figuratively) discovered recently that he got shortchanged on a $5+ box of Passover breakfast cereal. And when the company divined a solution, we told them their plan wasn't kosher. (Yes, we know, three plays on words in one short paragraph is a bit much.) That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Monday Only -- Get 15% Back from 400 Retailers

Ebates is celebrating its 20th anniversary offering 15% back on purchases made through their links to 400 popular stores like Dell, Macy's, Expedia, Zales, Ulta, GNC (20% back), Orbitz, LL Bean, New Balance, Walgreens, Neiman Marcus, Vitamin Shoppe (20% back), and more. Ebates is now part of Rakuten. New members get a $10 bonus too after making a $25+ purchase within 90 days of getting a free membership. ++

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Hidden Risks of Buying a Used Car

Consumer Reports had a team of secret shoppers look into purchasing used cars with known safety defects. They checked over 800 cars offered for sale that had recalls, and discovered that almost 15% of them had never been brought in to be fixed.

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