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Mouse Print* -- Candy Box Slack-Fill Case Dismissed

mouse print Those big movie boxes of candy are in the news again, as a federal judge has allowed the makers of Junior Mints to keep selling their candy despite the boxes being only about half full. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Cell Carriers Ranked on Call and Data Quality

cellphone It is so frustrating when cellphone calls sound like you're under water or drop out completely. To find out which carriers have the best quality of service, J.D. Power questioned over 28,000 cellphone users. Topping the list for the fewest problems was Verizon in most parts of the country. AT&T tended to come in in second place.


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5 Free Tools to Protect Your Personal Data

privacy If you want to protect your telephone number, your credit card number, your email address, and more, here are some free services that will help you do that. For example, even if your credit card issuer doesn't offer virtual cards that mask your card number, will do it for free (with limited monthly uses, however).

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That QR Code Could Lead to a Scam

QR codes -- those new-fangled barcodes -- have been a new tool used by crooks to lead you to a scam website. For example, QR codes on parking meters in various cities have been replaced with ones that will steal your money.

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Bargain of the Week

Free King Arthur Pancake Mix After Rebate

For a limited time, if you try one of King Arthur's pancake mixes (16 oz or less), you can get a full price rebate via PayPal or Venmo. Rebates are not instant.

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The Best Boxed Chocolates

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, Consumer Reports' taste testers had the enviable task of trying a whole bunch often very expensive chocolate candies. See which ones they liked the best.

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