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Price Check: How Tariffs Led to Increased Prices at Walmart

price increase NPR has been tracking dozens of prices at Walmart for the past year to see how the imposition of import tariffs might affect your pocketbook. While the reasons any particular item goes up in price are tricky, they conclude that some prices went up significantly because of the tariffs. See their cart of items and how prices went both up and down.

33 Ways to Repurpose Old Household Items

This Old House Many of us just can't throw out things we no longer use. We save them because they may come in handy someday. This Old House says you can repurpose them in clever ways for use around the house.



12 Facts/Myths About Walmart's Price Tags

Walmart price tags - credit:KrazyCouponLady  
There have been many stories about how to decode Costco's price tags, but we've never seen one about Walmart's. Here are a dozen facts and myths about Walmart's pricing practices.

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Mouse Print* -- Is It Live Or Is It Memorex Redux?

mouse print A very technologically sophisticated scam is popping up around the world. It uses software to mimic the voice of someone you know to convince you to send money to a scammer. You'll be able to listen to sample recordings of real people and their computerized duplicates, and will be floored by the technology. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Frederick's of Hollywood - 75% Off Clearance

If you want to spice up your love life, or just feel a little more sexy wearing their fancy undergarments, the famed Frederick's of Hollywood is having a big 75% off clearance sale. To get free shipping, use promo code FREESHIP19 when you check out.

$50 Off a $100 Purchase at Target If Approved for a RED Card

If you apply this week through Saturday the 28th for either a Target debit or credit card and are approved, you'll get a coupon for $50 off a $100 purchase. Target's debit card is just like your ATM card, but you get free shipping and 5% off at Target.

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Best Stick Vacuum Cleaners

If you don't want a full-size vacuum cleaner, but still want the job done well, Consumer Reports recommends these six top-performing stick vacuums. Note: they are not listed in rank order.

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