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Credit Card Issuers Ranked

credit cards J.D. Power surveyed over 28,000 credit card holders and asked them how satisfied they were with their card issuer. Here are the national bank issuers' rankings (Discover and American Express took the top two slots), followed by regional banks (BB&T and PNC topped this list).

Are Plant-Based Foods Really Better for You?

burger The latest craze is "plant-based" foods, like the burgers from Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat. They simulate the taste and texture of beef, and the Impossible burger even bleeds just like rare meat would. But are these meat alternatives really better for you? Some say no because they are highly processed, have almost as much fat and calories as the real thing, and may have more sodium. Here is a second story from Harvard Medical School, as well as a third one.



Home Insurance Companies Ranked

House During last week's debates, some candidates said that no one likes their health insurance companies. The same cannot be said about home insurers, however. In this survey, insureds gave Amica Mutual an unheard of top ranking for the 18th consecutive year! The U.S. Home Insurance Study examines overall customer satisfaction with two distinct personal insurance product lines: homeowners and renters. Satisfaction in the homeowners and renters insurance segments is measured by examining five factors: interaction; policy offerings; price; billing process and policy information; and claims.

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Mouse Print* -- Dog Walking Company Sued Over Fine Print

mouse print Wag! promises peace of mind to pet owners who use their app to schedule a dog walker. They say that walkers have been thoroughly vetted, they are insured and bonded, etc. The trouble is the company tries to absolve itself of most responsibility via the fine print in its contract. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Michaels Lowest Prices of the Season Sale

It only happens a few times a year, but through September 21, Michaels (craft store) is having their lowest prices sale. This means that adult and young adult tee shirts are only $1.99. (Check label for fiber content which varies by color.) And their large jar candles are $1.99 each (regularly $6). Sale ends Saturday.

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Electric Vehicle Owners Being Hit With High Fees as a Substitute for Gas Tax

You are trying to be an environmentally-conscious consumer, so you buy an electric car, which is more expensive than conventional gasoline-powered vehicles. Then you get hit with a special fee by the state since it will not be collecting gasoline taxes from you year after year. In some cases, according to Consumer Reports, you could be charged more than you would have had to pay if you bought a gas-guzzler. Is this any way to incentivize the use of cleaner energy?

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