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Facebook Tricked to Display Misleading Celebrity Ads for Bogus Free Trial Offers; Company Behind the Scams Uncovered

free trial We reported a few weeks ago that scammers had now begun cloning big name news sites like and CNN so they could post fake celebrity news stories about various miracle health supplements that they were selling. [See also NBC News coverage of our investigation.] Now Buzzfeed has gone behind the scenes and discovered a company that does this and reveals how they "rented" Facebook accounts to post ads to lure victims to their fake news sites. This is a must read! Related to this, watch three videos of how Dr. Oz tried to track down and confront the crooks that were using his name to sell some of these products.

Toy Manufacturers Pay Big Bucks To Be On Top Toy Lists

toys With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, we will soon be seeing "top toy" lists from various sellers and organizations. According to an investigative report from Bloomberg, toymakers can pay up to $2 million to be considered to be included on Amazon's and Walmart's top toy lists. The legal issue is that shoppers are not being informed that there is a financial connection between these sellers and the toy companies to get on the list, in possible violation of FTC disclosure guidelines.



Fruit Drinks Often Have Little or No Real Fruit

fruit The University of Connecticut evaluated the packages and ingredients of so-called fruit drinks for children on supermarket shelves. Two-thirds of the 34 sweetened drinks analyzed in the Children's Drink Fact report contained no juice, yet images of fruit appeared on 85% of the packages. Most drinks which did contain juice capped the amount at 5%. Here is the full study.

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Mouse Print* -- Holy Sheets: Sparkle Paper Towels Get Upsized

mouse print At some point when companies downsize a product so much and it gets so small, they wind up re-introducing the original larger size -- usually at a steep price increase. See what Sparkle paper towels just did instead. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Get $6 in Credit When Signing Up for Subway's Reward Program

This past weekend, MrConsumer had a really delicious pork patty foot-long sandwich on flatbread at Subway... and it was free. If you download their app and register, or go online to and join their rewards program, you will get $6 in Subway funny money good toward any purchases.

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Two Bissell Carpet Cleaners - One Great, One Awful

Among others, Consumer Reports tested two Bissell carpet cleaners -- the brand that dominates the field. One landed in last place and the other topped the list with the highest rating. See which one won.

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