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How Cable Companies Use Hidden Fees to Raise Prices and Disguise the True Cost of Service

cable What a cable company advertises to a consumer as a monthly price for services and what the consumer actually ends up paying can be dramatically different. In this comprehensive report and call to action, Consumer Reports enumerates tons of junk fees and equipment charges that gouge consumers who were expecting to pay the advertised $79 to $99 a month.

Hotel Assn. Warns of Misleading Booking Tactics

hotels According to a new survey by the hotel industry, one in four travelers has been misled in some way by third party booking sites. That amounts to nearly $6-billion in losses. Not surprisingly, they recommend that consumers book directly with hotels. (Gee, could this be for hotels to save on commissions paid to booking sites?) Nonetheless, their website provides interesting insights and tips for travelers. Be sure to see their graphic showing all the famous travel booking sites that you think are independent but are all owned by just one company.



Medicare Open Enrollment Begins Tuesday, Oct. 15

pills Open enrollment for Medicare supplement, advantage, and Part D drug plans starts this week. Everyone who has these plans should re-evaluate their choices because prices and benefits change every year. What might have been a good plan for you last year, may not be this year. The revised Medicare plan finder tool at can help you find the best plan for your needs. Here are two stories to help sort out the open enrollment nightmare: story one, story two.

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Mouse Print* -- Cascade and Finish Both Claim They Are the #1 Recommended Dishwasher Detergent. Brand

mouse print Many moons ago, Pepsi claimed it beat Coke in a taste test, and Coke claimed it beat Pepsi in its test. How could that be? Fast forward to 2019, and you have the two leading brands of dishwasher detergents both claiming to be the number one recommended brand. We scour the claims. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Two-Year AARP Membership + Free Echo Dot Smart Speaker - $25

Full AARP membership is $16 a year and an Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker currently sells for $39.99. In this offer, which expires October 31 or sooner, you get two years of a new AARP membership plus an Echo Dot for only $25. Membership will autorenew after year two if you do not cancel.

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Most/Least Reliable Microwave Brands

If you're in the market for a new microwave oven, whether an over-the-oven or a countertop model, Consumer Reports says that some brands are more reliable than others. See which brands they recommend and which they downrate.

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