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8 Biggest Online Scams People Fall For

scam A new study reveals that consumers are most likely to lose money to scams that find victims via websites and social media rather than via phone calls and emails. Here are the top eight online scams most likely to separate you and your money. (Here is the full study.)

Get Travel Bargain Alerts from These Blogs

airplane Here are links to 100 travel blogs that specialize in tips and deals for the budget traveler. This second story focuses on price alerts and apps from, Scott's Cheap Flights and Matt's Flights spotlighting limited-time, crazy good deals.



How to Set Google to Auto-Delete Your Data

google privacy Many people are concerned about privacy, and particularly with respect to companies that collect a lot of our personal data. Google now has tools that instruct the search giant to automatically delete your search and location data after a set period of time. Here's how to do it. Additional directions from Google are here.

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Mouse Print* -- New Amazon 4-Star Stores Charge Full List Price to Non-Prime Members on Some Items

mouse print We all think of Amazon as a place to get discount prices and fast delivery. Now the company is opening brick and mortar retail stores called Amazon 4-Star. These small stores (think Brookstone) only carry a small selection of items but they are all rated four stars or higher by purchasers. There are five stores now with more on the way. We paid a visit to the just-opened location near Boston last week and got a shock. Some items are selling at full list price to non-Prime members, despite them being available at the regular discounted price to anyone who buys them online. Unwitting shoppers could easily overpay if they don't double-check prices at first. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

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Get a Free 2-Year Subscription to HGTV Magazine

SORRY... that free magazine is sold out. However, Women's Health for one year is still available. Sign up today... no credit card needed, but you need to be employed to fill out the request form.

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Are Plant-Based "Milks" More Healthful Than Cow's?

They call them "milks" (soy, almond, oat, etc.), and you may think they are a healthy alternative to regular milk from cows. Consumer Reports says most of them are not as nutritious as real milk.

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