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Mouse Print* -- Walgreens Shortchanges Customers on Some Coupons

mouse print With paper coupons, you can control which ones you hand the cashier. But, with electronic coupons that you e-clip and link to your loyalty card, the store decides which it applies to your order. And that's where Walgreens in some cases shortchanges customers. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

What Happens to Returned Goods at Amazon?

Millions of items are returned to Amazon each year. What exactly happens to that stuff? The CBC's consumer investigative program, Marketplace, hid GPS trackers inside products it was returning to Amazon to find out. Watch the 22-minute story.


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Tools to Help Spot Fake Product Reviews

Amazon PC Magazine spotlights a number of tools that you can use when shopping on Amazon and other sites that will help you determine if the glowing product reviews published there are likely legitimate or not.

Consumer Alert

Don't Fall for the One-Time PIN Code Scam

If you get a call about a problem with your account, call back the company directly to validate the issue. Don't pass on to a caller any one-time codes that may be sent to you.

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Bargain of the Week

Get a Flu Shot, Get a $5 - $10 Off Coupon

It's flu shot time. Some retailers will reward you for getting your shot at their pharmacy. Target will give you a $5 off anything coupon good for 30 days for shots administered at their in-store pharmacy. Unlike regular CVS stores that give you a $5 coupon off a $20 purchase, the Target version requires no minimum purchase. Publix supermarkets is offering a $10 gift card. Flu shots are free with most insurance plans. If you have no insurance, some municipalities offer free shots, and Costco is only charging $19.99 for a not-for-seniors shot and no membership is needed.

6 Photo Magnets for 26 Cents

DEAL EXPIRED. Shutterfly is offering a crazy deal on two 3-inch by 3-inch photo magnets and four 2-inch by 2-inch ones. Combining various coupon codes, it comes to 26 cents plus tax and shipping is free. And if you are a new customer, you can get five additional sets of four 2-inch by 2-inch magnets, and possibly some free photo prints and name labels. This is a VERY complicated offer. It took MrConsumer at least an hour and a half to complete this deal, so be warned. You have to learn to use Shutterfly's picture uploading and editing system, as well as entering and re-entering promo codes (and checking and unchecking other offers) to get this thing to work. Thanks to Dan K. for this bargain.

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Consumer Reports Unveils Free Security Planner

If you want individualized recommendations on how to cut down on data collection and prevent hackers from invading your computer or cellphone, the new Security Planner has just debuted. Answer a number of questions about your digital concerns and then get a step-by-step action plan.

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