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Consumer News Quickies

Turkey Price Comparison Around the Country

Stores Advertising the Biggest Black Friday Discounts [But Large Discounts Can Be Misleading at Top Stores]


Why 80% of Homeowners Have Not Refinanced Despite Low Rates

Beware Fake Video Streaming Services

New Zealand Man Loses Over $800K to Romance Scam

Best Places to Buy Tires; Prices Compared

HBOMax Now Available on Fire TV

Beyond Meat Intros Juicer, Less Saturated Fat Plant Burgers

USPS Planning to Raise Rates for Priority Mail Packages in January

CA Court Rules Amazon Strictly Liable for Defective Products

Amazon Unveils Its Own Pharmacy for Prescription Drugs (No 90-day supplies yet)

Get a $20 Ibotta Rebate on Thanksgiving Fixings at Walmart

Hospitals Charge Patients Up to 18 Times Their Actual Costs

Delete Online Accounts You No Longer Use

Suit Claims TRESemmé Keratin Shampoo Causes Hair Loss

CVS Sued Over Flushable Wipes Being Non-Flushable

New York Passes Law Mandating Better Disclosure of Auto-Renewal Contracts

United Experiments By Testing Everyone for COVID Before Boarding Some Flights

After a Bad Customer Service Experience, 89% of Consumers Will Blab About It

Anatomy of a Buying Decision Infographic; Most Start at Google or Amazon

FDA Approves First At-Home Fast COVID Test

More Supermarkets Imposing Purchase Limits to Reduce Shortages

They Want a Right to Repair Law to Lower Fix It Costs

GM to Sell Car Insurance Priced by Tracking Your Habits

Apple Pays $113-Mil for Throttling iPhones to Disguise Battery Issues

Masked Doc Uses a Bandaid to Stop Eyeglass Fogging

NY-AG Fines Amazon Sellers for Price Gouging on Sanitizer

Veteran Fake Sweepstakes Designer Spills the Beans

Look Up Predicted COVID and Flu Risk by Zip Code

Don't Fall for a Medicare Coverage Scam

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Mouse Print* -- Lowe's Extended Protection Plans Called Deceptive

mouse print We're always asked if we want to buy an extended warranty when buying appliances, electronics and other goods. It is usually not worth it, but some shoppers buy it anyway. And when a problem arises, they expect to get the great coverage promised. One Lowe's customer learned the hard way how this company's service plans really work. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

shopping bagsTop 10 Tips to Bag a Bargain During a Very Different Black Friday Month

10 Most Reliable Cars

new car Collecting data on over 300,000 cars, Consumer Reports studies problem areas on cars, their own test data, and surveys of owner satisfaction with their vehicles. The results helps them create their most reliable cars list. Topping the list this year is the Toyota Prius.

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Turkey Hotline Is Open

turkey The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line is once again open to help you avoid Thanksgiving disasters. The website as well as live turkey specialists can help you defrost your turkey the right way(s) and cook it properly to avoid dry white meat. The hotline is 1-800-BUTTERBALL, but you can also text, email, or chat with a specialist.

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Consumer Humor

He Printed a 5-Foot Boarding Pass and Tried to Use It

Before the latest recommendations to not fly this month, this guy decided he would print his boarding pass just a little larger than usual since the rules don't specify any particular size. Then he went to the airport. Here's the short video.

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Bargain of the Week

Want to Try Streaming TV? Get Roku SE for $17

If you have an HDTV but no streaming TV services (but do have WiFi), why not try a Roku SE from Walmart for only $17. It gives you access to hundreds of free and paid streaming TV services. Although it technically is not supposed to be on sale until Wednesday, the 25th online and Friday in stores, it is actually already online. Unfortunately, you will have to pay $5.99 shipping.

500 CVS Pills - $5

It only happens once or twice a year. CVS is offering 500 count bottles of CVS Health 81 mg aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen for only $5 through Wednesday the 25th only. And, in your CVS coupons at the printer or online you can find a $2 off an $8 purchase of pain relievers which you may be able to apply to the purchase of two of these, making your net cost $4 each.

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Comparison of the iPhone 12 Models

If you are thinking about buying the new iPhone 12, Consumer Reports describes the differences in the various models they are offering.

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