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Mouse Print* -- Advertising Masquerades as Program Content on Local TV Shows

mouse print We've run story after story demonstrating how national news, information, and talk shows feature products for which they receive "secret" payments. Now a clever ploy by TV's John Oliver tests whether local TV talk shows will take his money to feature a bogus medical product. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

How to Wipe Your Data From Old Computers and Cellphones

recycle Before you donate or recycle your old cellphones and computers, you better delete all the sensitive and personal data on them. Here's how to do it.


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Travel Agent Reveals Best Bargain Alert Sites

air travel What sources does a former travel agent use to find the best bargains? In this story, he reveals his go-to websites, newsletters, and alerting services to help find the best deals.

These Costco Store Brand Products Are Said to Be Better Than the Name Brand

Costco In some cases, Kirkland Signature products, the Costco store brand, is so good that it actually outperforms similar items with more recognizable names. In fact, there are a few grocery products that are made by the same companies, making the less expensive Kirkland item the obvious choice. Here are some examples where the author believes the Costco brand meets or exceeds the quality of the name brand.

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Extra 50% Off on Levi Sale Items, Free Shipping

Through June 1, get an extra 50% off on sale items on the Levi website for men, women, and kids. Use code SMILE when checking out. And you can get free shipping on any size order when you join their free Red Tab Club (click "sign up" at the top of the site).

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Should You Lease or Buy That New Car?

Consumer Reports says that leasing a car has gotten more popular in recent years. They explore the pros and cons of leasing versus buying.

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