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Google's Free Unlimited Photo Storage Ends June 1; What Are Your Alternatives?

Buying Travel Insurance After the Pandemic


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Mouse Print* -- Hefty Recycling Bags Are Not Recyclable

mouse print Hefty makes a clear plastic bag called "recycling." It is depicted as a bag you would fill with say aluminum cans and then put out at the curb in your recycling bin for pickup. There's just one problem (or maybe two). Most municipalties don't allow this, and according to a lawsuit just filed, the bags themselves are not recyclable. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

What You'll Pay in Taxes Over Your Lifetime State by State

taxes Residents of some states can pay almost triple those in other states for taxes over their lifetime. The numbers are staggering of what we all pay in taxes on income, property, purchases, etc. And if you live in New Jersey or Massachusetts, you pay the most -- $931,698 and $827,185 respectively! Those in Alabama and West Virginia pay the least. See what you'll pay in your state.


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22 Things Funeral Directors Don't Want You to Know

casket Most people only have to plan funerals once or twice in their lifetime, so it is understandable that there is a lot we don't know. But don't let this lack of knowledge stop you from being a smart consumer with these tips.

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Find the Hidden Germs in Your Home


What's the germiest thing in your home? The toilet, right? Wrong! It could be your bath towel or even the kitchen sponge. Watch this Rossen Reports story pointing out a lot of the places that bacteria hide in your home.

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Bargain of the Week

Get a Free Pint or Box of Must Love Brand Nondairy "Ice Cream" Treats

Through June 30, and only available in certain regions of the country, you can get a full price rebate for trying a pint or a box of bars of First Love nondairy ice cream. Thanks to Dan K. for the bargain tip.

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Got Trouble Sleeping? Many Take Trazodone, But Should You?

Trazodone has long been among the most commonly prescribed medications to treat sleeplessness. It is not habit-forming and general considered to be a safe drug. But, should you take it and what are the risks?

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