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Mouse Print* -- Old Navy Deceptive Pricing Case Settled

mouse print Old Navy is just one of many retailers charged with putting fake or inflated "regular" or list price tags on goods to help them make exaggerated savings claims. They recently settled a class action lawsuit on this very subject. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Speak Out Here About Rising Grocery Prices

price increases Consumer prices jumped over 4-percent since last April, the highest amount in 12 years. If sales at your local store or supermarket don't seem as sharp as they used to be, it's not your imagination. At Christmas Tree Shops (not a holiday store) some items that were $3.99 were restickered $4.99. Baskets of items usually $1 are now $1.29. Stop & Shop is advertising English muffins this week 2 for $3, when the usual sale price is 99 cents. (Remember when these were three or four for a dollar?) Aldi raised the price of their saltines to 99 cents from 79 cents (and many other things are no longer bargains there). What price increases have you noticed in stores? Add your observations here (or read others').


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Rent a Car Cheaply From Your Neighbor Instead of Hertz!

car rentals Rental car rates have gone crazy because many of the big firms sold off 30-40% of their inventory during the pandemic. Now with people itching to travel again, some of your neighbors are getting into the car rental business and charging much lower prices. How do they do it? They use services like Turo and Avail, which act much like AirBnB does to help people rent out extra rooms in their homes.

You Could Get $50 Off Your Internet Bill

$50 off The pandemic has a silver lining -- various federal giveaway programs. One such program is from the FCC offering up to $50 a month off your broadband Internet bill for low income people, and surprisingly, for higher income people who suffered a job loss since February 2020. There is also up to a $100 reimbursement toward a new computer.

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Bargain of the Week

Monday, May 17 ONLY: Extra 15% Cash Back at 500 Stores

This is one of eBates' (now called Rakuten) biggest rebates ever -- an extra 15% back on purchases at hundreds of stores (Monday, May 17 only). And this is on top of paying sale prices there. Rakuten gets a commission when you go to your favorite store using their links and they share a portion with you via a rebate check. If you are not a member, sign up today for $40 back when you spend $40 or more. Read the fine print to learn about exclusions from the 15% off offer.

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10 Most Discounted New Cars Now

Consumer Reports checked the numbers and came up with a list of new 2021 cars with the biggest discounts off MSRP. Surprisingly, the Toyota Camry has the biggest percentage discount at 10% off. Ratings of these 10 cars only available to C/R subscribers.

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