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Mouse Print* -- Chobani Exaggerated Protein Content of its Complete Yogurt

mouse print A TV commercial for Chobani Complete yogurt promoted its high protein content. The maker of Dannon yogurt complained saying that two out of the three products shown in the commercial didn't have the protein claimed. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Dirty Dozen Veggies/Fruit List Released

veggies The Environmental Working Group is out with their annual list of the non-organic "Dirty Dozen" fruits and vegetables that can be the highest in pesticide residue. A second list has the "clean 15" -- those fruits and vegetables with the lowest pesticide residue.


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Safety of Seresto Pet Collars Questioned

Serestco pet collar An investigative report reveals that since 2012, over 75,000 incident reports of adverse reactions have been filed with the EPA about Seresto dog and cat collars. Worse, almost 1,700 deaths have been linked to these collars. Members of Congress are demanding a recall.

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Funny Ad for Dr. Squatch Natural Men's Soap

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Wednesday Is Whopper Day

Every Wednesday, Burger King has been offering Whoppers for either $1 or $2 each only when ordering via their app or website under "offers." Limit 1. The offers tend to alternate each week -- $1 one week, and $2 the next. On one dollar weeks, double Whoppers are $2 and triples are $3. Not for dieters! Set up an account at to see all the offers.

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Best Routers to Provide Wi-Fi

Your router is the device that spreads the Wi-Fi Internet signal throughout your house. Consumer Reports offers suggestions on some of the best routers. (Actual ratings are not included, but a verbal description of each router's performance is provided.)

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