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Mouse Print* -- Walgreens' Screwy Vaccine Sign-up Process

mouse print Signing up for a vaccine appointment has been a frustrating experience for many people. A case in point was at Walgreens last month when some visitors to their site thought they had finally found a shot but only to be told the opposite moments later. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

America's 250 Best Hospitals

hospital Healthgrades has released its annual list of hospitals in the top 5% of clinical excellence as measured by patient outcomes. The list is divided by state for easy lookup.


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Are You Missing Out on These Free Perks?

free When the staff of Consumers' Checkbook sifted through member benefits that come with credit cards, warehouse clubs, health insurance plans, and more, they discovered dozens of free, and sometimes little-known perks. See what you could be missing out on.

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Texans With High Electric Bills Chided by Lt. Governor

With some Texas homeowners getting $17,000 electric bills right after their big snow storm, the state's Lt. Governor chided customers for failing to read the fine print in their contracts.

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Bargain of the Week

Tello Cell Service (via T-Mobile) - Half Price - Low as $2.50/month

If you sign up for a new line of service at Tello (now a reseller of T-Mobile cell service), including moving your old number to them if you want, you can get unlimited minutes and texts and 1 gig of high-speed data for half price -- only $5 a month for the first three months. The same plan is only $7 a month (that's half their regular price for the first three months) for 2 gigs of data. You can customize your own plan with various amounts of minutes and data. (Texts are free.) Tello has no junk fees... only required taxes and FCC fee. You now need to bring an unlocked GSM-compatible phone (previously on AT&T or T-Mobile). See if your old phone is compatible.

You can choose any of their other plans for half price as well. MrConsumer has their $5 plan with 500 megs of data and unlimited texts (no minutes) and that is only $2.50 a month for three months. You will be sent a free sim card to put into your GSM phone to make Tello work on it. And if you sign up through this link, you will receive a $10 credit toward your bill. (Please use the referral code p3f3sr3j if you don't sign up with the previous link. You cannot get your free $10 credit without it. ) Offer ends March 15. You can also cancel at any time. ++

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Consumer Reports

The Best Ways to Block Robocalls

Consumer Reports goes carrier by carrier to explain how to block junk calls . They also mention tools built into Android, Google, and Apple phones. Missing, however, are third party apps and services like which is free for landline phones.

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