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Mouse Print* -- Peloton's $4000 Treadmills Bricked Unless Owners Pay $39/mo Fee

mouse print Imagine paying $4000 for a state-of-the-art treadmill but then learning that the machine will not work unless you pay a monthly fee. This just happened to Peloton Tread+ owners. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

65 Things You Probably Shouldn't Pay For

piggy bank We're often warned about products, services, and extras that aren't worth shelling out money for, from duct cleaning to lousy insurance plans. Drawing from that advice, what follows is a list of 65 things that aren't worth the dough. Don't pay for services and products that you don't need or that you could get for free.


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Credit Card Issuers Ignored Federal Law and Sided With Wrongdoer Over Its Own Customer

This couple was hoodwinked into paying $17,000 to get out of their NY timeshare. Then, when they tried to cancel the deal and the company would not make a refund, their credit card issuers also refused to help despite the consumers being within the three-day right to cancel period. Ben Simmoneau, WCVB Boston's ace consumer reporter, came to their rescue after MrConsumer enlisted his help. Tip: If you ever go to a sales pitch seminar at a hotel, leave your credit card and checkbook at home, and wear mittens so you can't sign anything.

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Bargain of the Week

Free Item Weekly at CVS

Through July 31, CVS will be giving away a free item via their cellphone app. Look under ExtraCare deals and rewards and e-clip the coupon each week. Here are the items being offered week by week:

  • June 20-26th: Free Beauty 360 Nail Clipper [expired]
  • June 27-July 3rd: Free Gold Emblem Bagged Candy
  • July 4-10th: Free Beauty 360 All In One Nail Perfector or Cotton Rounds
  • July 11-17th: Free Gold Emblem Abound Popcorn
  • July 18-24th: Free Gold Emblem Abound Veggie Chips
  • July 25-31st: Free CVS Health Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen

    Free Bagel at Panera for Vaccinated People

    July 2 - 4 only, get a free bagel at Panera locations with proof of vaccination.

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    Don't Buy a Portable Air Conditioner

    If you are considering buying a portable air conditioner, think again. These units are loud, heavy and really don't do the job like a window unit. (Ratings not shown to non-subscribers.)

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