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Mouse Print* -- Gov't Video on Mask Decontamination Disclaims Its Own Advice

mouse print With the shortage of PPE (personal protective equipment) continuing in some areas, the federal government just came out with an instructional video for an at home method to decontaminate those expensive but effective N95 masks. The first few seconds of the video, however, are quite surprising to see from a government agency. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Beware Dental Surcharges for Infection Control

dentis The Maryland Attorney General is warning dentists and their patients about potentially illegal surcharges for "infection protection" or "dental PPE" being added to consumers' bills (and not covered by insurance). These charges are typically $10-$20 but sometimes much higher. If your dentist tries to assess this type of charge, consider filing a complaint with your state AG and/or dental licensing board.


The New Rules of Air Travel

air travel If you dare to fly this summer, here is what to expect (part 1) from check-in, to masks, to temperature checks, to social distancing, etc. Part 2.

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How Social Distancing Works in Restaurants

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Bargain of the Week

$10 Welcome Back Card from Kohl's

Some Kohl's credit card customers report getting a $10 card from Kohl's in the mail as a welcome back incentive. Good online and in-store. Expires 7/21. YMMV. Check your mail!

Amazon Summer Style Sale

You may not see Amazon Prime Day this year, but starting June 22, Amazon is running a big Summer Style Sale primarily on fashion items, but expect some electronics deals to be thrown in too. ++

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You May Not Be Getting Enough Vitamin K

Vitamin what, you say? "K" is not the first vitamin name to roll off your tongue. According to Consumer Reports, many older adults are not getting enough. The story lists some good sources of vitamin K.

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