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Mouse Print* -- Beyond Meat Sued Over Protein Content of Its Veggie Burgers

mouse print Plant-based meat substitutes are all the rage these days, and Beyond Meat is one of two big contenders in this category. The question is whether a plant-based burger really is as protein-rich as a beef burger? A new class action lawsuit questions that. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

53 Ways to Embrace Frugal Living

piggybank To some people like MrConsumer, living cheaply comes naturally through years of practice. But now, with inflation at record highs, some folks may be joining the ranks of the thrifty. Here are 53 ways to help you stretch a buck.


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10 Most/Least Expensive States for Household Bills

bills A new report reveals which states will cost you the most and least when it comes to monthly household bills. They analyzed the costs of the ten most common household bills, including: mortgage; rent; auto loans; utilities (electric, gas, water & sewer, and waste & recycling); auto insurance; cable & internet & phone; health insurance (consumer paid portion); cell service; alarm & security; and life insurance. Here are the most and least expensive states.

Check If Your ID Has Been Compromised

idtheft With so many data breaches, the odds are getting slimmer and slimmer that you won't be affected. This story will show you how to check if your ID (email and telephone) have been part of data breaches . It also provides tips of how to tell if your information has actually been used, and steps of what to do if you have become an identity theft victim.

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Bargain of the Week

Get 5% Back on Gasoline Purchases from Chase

If you have a Chase Freedom credit card, you get 5% back for gasoline purchases (and car rentals and movies) from July 1 through September 30. You must activate the offer here. For Chase Freedom Flex cards, use this link.

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Weighing Whether to Buy Organic Foods

Is it worth paying a premium price for organic food? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Consumer Reports offers this guide, including price differences between organic and nonorganic products.

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