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Costly Mistakes Grocery Shoppers Make

Used Car Prices Skyrocket


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Shrinkflation: See All the Downsized Products

For new readers, know that we've been tracking shrinking products for decades. See many of them here. And for everyone... last week, MrConsumer talked on TV about the long history of downsizing, and spoke more generally about it on Consumers' Checkbook's podcast.

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Mouse Print* -- Amazon Quietly Changes Terms Dropping Mandatory Arbitration

mouse print In a move consumer advocates thought they would never see, Amazon no longer requires consumers to settle all disputes with the company via arbitration and no longer bans court or class action lawsuits. How did this come about? Very clever consumer lawyering! That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Fake Reviews Now Being Posted for Medical Facilities, Doctors

doctor Shoppers rely on reviews when making purchases of all types. But some also do that when picking a doctor or medical facility. An investigation by the Washington Post reveals that some of these reviews are fake on Google, TrustPilot, Yelp, and other sites where medical reviews can be found. A phony review of a restaurant or toaster oven is one thing, but it is quite another when it comes to health professionals.


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PayPal's Purchase Protection Has Loopholes

Most people know that if you pay for a purchase with PayPal, you get buyer protection promising a refund if you don't get the item or there is a misrerpresentation. The consumer in the video above found out the hard way that there's a big catch to getting his money back -- he has to return his particular purchase -- to China!

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Bargain of the Week

Almond Breeze Class Action Settlement - Get Back $ for Purchases

If you bought Almond Breeze almondmilk or one of many variations between April 15, 2014 through May 17, 2021, you may be entitled to 50 cents back per container (up to 10 purchases without receipts) due to a class action settlement. See the eligible products and the claim form.

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Consumer Reports

Products on Deep Discount in June

Consumer Reports says that June is a good month to buy blenders, sunscreen, blood pressure monitors, smart watches, and more. Here are some of the deals to look for.

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