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Regis: Thanks for So Many Years of Entertainment and Laughter

Car Brands With the Highest Number of Repeat Buyers

Comparison of 8 DNA/Ancestry Services


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Mouse Print* -- The NBC Peacock Buries a Gem in its Terms and Conditions

mouse print NBC recently debuted PeacockTV, a new streaming service. Like most big companies, they have an extensive terms and conditions statement on their website that drones on for nearly 10,000 words. Hidden in the fine print is something unexpected. Can you find it? That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Get Prescription Drugs Wholesale?

generic drugs A new Internet pharmacy located in Texas claims to offer generic drugs (only) not a penny above wholesale. They make money by charging a membership fee of $45 quarterly or $120 annually, and potentially from drug rebates. According to KDFW-TV which did a story about them, the pharmacy called checks out as legitimate but is only licensed to do business in a number of states (MA does not require a license for an out-of-state pharmacy currently). The Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies also lists it as legitimate. Some customers say they have saved thousands of dollars, but that is on very expensive generics. Our spotchecks suggest that for cheaper generic drugs, the savings may not offset the membership fee. And sometimes, and are cheaper, sometimes much cheaper to start with. So the standard advice remains the same: no one pharmacy or discount program is lowest on every drug. You have to comparison shop.


More Hand Sanitizer Recalled

hand sanitizer The FDA said that there has been an increase in hand sanitizer recalls that are labeled to contain ethyl alcohol, or ethanol, but have tested positive for methanol, or wood alcohol. If methanol is absorbed through the skin, it can cause blindness and hospitalizations, or death if ingested. Some of these products have even been sold by Costco, Walmart, and other chains. Here is a complete list.

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Consumer Humor

As Baseball Season Kicks Off, Safety is Job #1

Fenway baseball masks

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Sales Tax Holidays Coming to 14 States

Here is a list of states with upcoming sales tax holidays in August, along with starting dates and the types of merchandise to which it applies.

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Consumer Reports

Who's Looking at Your Genetic Data

Consumer Reports says there are few laws that govern what companies like Ancestry and 23andMe do with your genetic data after you buy their service to learn about your family history and health. And just having each company decide on its own privacy policy on each site is not enough.

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