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Consumers Complaining About Hidden COVID Fees and Surcharges

Sears/Kmart Closing 20 More Stores (List)


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Mouse Print* -- Hey Tostitos, Where's the Guacamole?

mouse print A regular Mouse Print* reader saw a new product on store shelves called Tostitos, Hint of Guacamole. When he checked the ingredients statement, he got a big surprise. You probably don't even need a hint about what he found. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Look at the Nasty Consumer Ploys These Companies Pulled

Skippy It turns out that we are not the only ones who catch big companies designing tricky packages and making deceptive product claims. This essay by a former corporate executive responsible for consumer excellence spotlights example after example of the tricks of trade. We particularly like the one about L'Oreal shampoo where the front of the bottle says "NEW" but tiny print on the back says that "NEW refers to new package design."

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Google Search Results Can Lead to Scams

Home Depot We've warned people in the past not to Google tech support phone numbers because scammers set up phony ones and they come up high in search results. Now the same advice goes for common companies whose websites you are trying to reach. Here is an example of a scam ad that topped the Google search results when someone was searching for the Home Depot website. Advice: stop Googling common website names like Home Depot when you could just have easily entered "" in your browser.


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13 Tips to Master Walmart Clearance Sales

Walmart Clearance Some of the best deals you can get at Walmart are on clearance items. To learn the ins and outs of how Walmart does markdowns, here are some "secrets" of their system from The Krazy Coupon Lady website.

See the Super Bowl Ads Again

Many people watch the Super Bowl more for the ads than for the game itself. In case you missed some of the commercials, or just want to see them again, here is where you can do it: site 1, site 2, and site 3.

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Bargain of the Week

Free 32-gb MicroSD Card or Flash Drive at Micro Center

If you are near one of the Micro Center stores in 16 states, fill out this form to get a free 32 gig thumb drive or micro SD card. Offer is in-store only.

Dozen Roses - $9.99

The likely lowest price on roses for Valentine's Day this year is at Aldi. A dozen shorter-stem roses are only $9.99 starting on February 11th, while supplies last.

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Consumer Reports

Owner Satisfaction With Major Car Brands

This brand chart from Consumer Reports will surprise you. They surveyed hundreds of thousands of car owners with 2018-2020 vehicles about their reliability and whether they were satisfied with their cars. Tesla and Lincoln topped the list, but Nissan and Infiniti cratered.

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