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Mouse Print* -- Subway Sued Over Alleged Tuna-less Tuna Sandwiches; Company Fights Back With New Ads

mouse print On January 21, two consumers sued Subway alleging that their tuna sandwiches don't contain real tuna. Since the day the case was filed, we have been trying to get to the bottom of the claim, despite efforts by both sides not to be fully transparent. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

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Which Are the Best and Cheapest Supermarkets?

shopping cart Some 10,000 shoppers were asked about their supermarket shopping experience, including which one they liked best, which had the best prices, etc. This year's overall winner may surprise you because they don't have physical stores. However, for price, Aldi won; for quality, Wegmans came in first; and for convenience, Walmart topped the list.


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Tour of a Russian Supermarket

Some 20+ years ago, MrConsumer visited St. Petersburg, Russia... and all he really wanted to see was a supermarket and a department store. Times have really changed judging by this video by a Russian man, Dan Sheekoz, who is posting almost daily videos on YouTube. In this long video (do skip around), Dan shows you a small hypermarket. He compares grocery prices in Russia (like eight cents a roll for cheap toilet paper), and comments freely about all the non-natural food products they stock, including all the sweets that he believes cause cancer. Enjoy.

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Honey Nut Cheerios - Free After Rebate

You can get a full price rebate up to $7 on one box of Honey Nut Cheerios. You can get a quick refund if you opt to use Venmo or PayPal for receiving the rebate. Details and restrictions of the promotion are here. You will have to submit a picture of the receipt. Offer NOT VALID in RI, CT, ND, NY, ME and Miami-Dade County. Note: the largest box allowed is 27 oz., but no such size exists. It is really 27.2 oz., and the promotion company says that will be acceptable.

Consumer Reports - 1 Year - $15.99

Get a one year subscription to the print edition of Consumer Reports for only $15.99. Good for new, renewal or gift subscriptions. Offer may expire very quickly. ++

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Consumer Reports Investigation: Some Car Insurers Charge More to Those With Less Education, Lower-Paying Jobs

An eye-opening study by Consumer Reports found that Geico, Progressive, and Liberty Mutual charged people without a high school diploma 6% to 16% more for car insurance than a similar person with an advanced degree.

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