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8 Year-End Tax Tips

Burger King Brings Back Dollar Menu With 4 Items


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Mouse Print* -- Here We Downsize Again - Year-End 2020

mouse print The pandemic hasn't stopped major grocery manufacturers from inconspicuously shrinking their products as a sneaky way to pass on a price increase. We've got the latest before and after pictures. That is our Mouse Print* story this week. [NOTE: This story will run here through January 3rd.]

How to Save on Grocery/Meal Delivery Charges

Food delivery Many people have food delivered from grocery stores and restaurants these days because of the coronavirus. But their delivery charges can double the price of a meal or small grocery order. Here are some tips to tame those delivery charges. Using curbside pickup is another way to pay little or nothing extra for your order.

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COVID Prompts Return Policy Changes

return policy Consumer World's annual survey reveals liberalized return rules at major retailers but one chain is going in the opposite direction.

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Consumer Humor

Net Neutrality Explained Via Burger King

When net neutrality (the obligation to deliver all Internet content without speeding up certain sites and slowing down others) was a hot topic but a little understood concept, this video explained it analogizing it to service at Burger King.

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Bargain of the Week

After Christmas Clearance Sales

UPDATE: Target is 70%/50% as of 12/29. MrConsumer's favorite Christmas clearance sale is at Target. Discounts start at 50% off/30% for food/candy, then progress to 70%/50% off (about Dec. 30-31), and finally to 90%/70% about January 1. This can vary by a day or two and by location. And because some Target stores had not much Christmas merchandise left just before the holiday, their schedule this year may be significantly different. Home Depot's Christmas clearance last year peaked at 75% off on January 2. Walgreens went to 70% off on January 8th, and Walmart hit 90% off on January 10th. YMMV.

128-oz Bleach - $1

The best price probably anywhere in the country on old-fashioned gallons of bleach is at Dollar Tree, advertised in this week's circular. Don't settle for 96-ounce bottles, look for the 128-ounce ones (Awesome brand).

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Consumer Reports

Before You Drink That Eggnog...

Consumer Reports warns against drinking eggnog made with raw eggs because of the risk of food poisoning. It is also loaded with calories, even including so-called "light" eggnogs. Vegan eggnogs may be healthier and have fewer calories.

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