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Consumer World Celebrates 25 Years!

Consumer World Less than two months after was launched in the summer of 1995, a little consumer site called Consumer World was born. It brought readers the week's top consumer stories and money-saving tips, and included a directory of useful consumer-related websites. In that quarter of a century, the mission has remained the same -- to help you become more consumer-savvy, avoid scams, and make more informed buying decisions. We thank our faithful readers for 25 years of support. We hope you continue to find Consumer World valuable (and perhaps even save you a few bucks every now and then). Add your comments.

Consumer World Original

Mouse Print* -- Chrysler's Lifetime Warranty Leaves Many With High Repair Bills

mouse print As we reminisce, a 2007 Mouse Print* story warning readers about a sneaky catch in Chrysler's then "lifetime warranty" offer has come back to haunt car buyers in 2020, spawning a new lawsuit. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Credit Card Issuers Ranked

credit card issuers Since the pandemic, many cardholders have not been happy with the issuers of their credit cards. Now JD Power reflects that sentiment in new ratings of customers' satisfaction with card issuers. Of national issuers, American Express and Discover are virtually tied for first place. And among regional banks, Regions Bank, BB&T, and PNC are the only ones ranked above average. See the full list.


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Consumer Humor

Stuck at Home? What a Year of Streaming Services Will Cost You

Streaming prices

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Bargain of the Week

Home Depot Labor Day Sale: Perennials - 2.5 Qt. - 3 for $12

The Home Depot Labor Day sale is going on now. They have their regular $7.98 perennials for $4 each (page 2 of circular) -- one of the few times this year they have been on sale. Varieties vary by location. They are also matching the Lowe's $2.50 price for bags of mulch -- 50 cents higher than last year. It is also a great time to shop for major appliances. Sale ends September 7.

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Consumer Reports

Comparison of Organic and Nonorganic Produce Prices

Consumer Reports did a national survey of produce prices comparing how much both the organic and nonorganic versions cost. (Chart renders poorly making comparison difficult in some browsers.)

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