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First Class Postage Going Up August 29

10 Renovations That Won't Increase the Value of Your House


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Mouse Print* -- Here We Downsize Again - Summer 2021 (Part 2)

mouse print In this final part of our series on shrinking groceries (until December), we show you before and after pictures of nearly a dozen products giving you less for your money. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Customer Satisfaction Rankings Announced for Major Appliance Manufacturers

major appliances J.D. Power just released its customer satisfaction survey of over 21,000 shoppers who bought major appliances in the past year. The results are broken down by type of appliance like refrigerators, washers, etc. The top-ranked manufacturer in most categories was Samsung. This is contrary to data from Consumer Reports that suggest that LG is a much more reliable brand than Samsung. JDPA's survey was conducted shortly after purchase and thus before most appliances go on the fritz. The JDPA survey also ranked retail stores selling major appliances.


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Where Is Money Donated to ASPCA Going?

CBS recently investigated the ASPCA and the hundreds of millions of dollars it raised from those heart-tugging animals in distress commercials. It turns out that they share almost nothing with the local SPCA organizations around the country.

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Bargain of the Week

Buy a BJ's Wholesale Club Membership for $50, Get $50 Credit

Until August 22 only, new members who join BJ's Wholesale Club for $50, will get a $50 credit on their membership account. This $50 credit must be used at BJ's within 30 days or you lose it. It can reportedly be used to buy a BJ's gift card, and that will extended the life of the $50 credit.

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Upgrade Your Kitchen for Less

Consumer Reports offers strategies for doing a kitchen makeover on a tight budget. It also lists specific highly rated major kitchen appliances available at modest (but not cheap) prices.

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