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Some Instacart Customers Complain of Charges for Non-Delivered Goods

This Doctor Went on a Clandestine Mission to Get Masks for His Hospital


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Mouse Print* -- Is a Hamburger Legally a "Steak"?

mouse print If a fast food restaurant advertised a steak sandwich, most people would probably expect to get solid meat on a bun. But when Dunkin' sold Angus steak and egg sandwiches, they gave purchasers a bum steer -- a ground beef patty instead. So, aggrieved customers took the donut chain to court. But the judge in the case was unsympathetic (and must have been a vegetarian). That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Is the Virus on Clothing, Shoes, Mail, Hair?

coronavirus The New York Times answers pressing questions about whether you have to take off and wash your clothes when you come back from the grocery store; if you have to wipe down your shoes, mail and newspaper, etc. ?



Your Credit Card Limit Could Be Cut Soon; Credit Bureaus Offer Free Weekly Credit Reports

credit report There are two credit stories in this block: (1) Don't be surprised if your credit card issuer re-evaluates your creditworthiness and cuts your credit limit. (2) The big three credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, are now offering you a free copy of your credit report every week for the next year. This way, you can monitor your credit, and see which if any creditor grantors are putting black marks on your record. Here are details. The free credit reports are available at .

Ever Wonder What Happened to Dinosaurs?

A history lesson from the dinosaur age...

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Bargain of the Week

Once-in-a-Lifetime 75% Savings on Tempur-Pedic Mattresses

Tempur-Pedic is having a friends and family sale offering an unheard of 75% off (roughly) on three styles of their memory foam mattresses. Expect to pay around $500 for a $2000+ mattress. Note the firmness level of each model -- there are no mediums. Shipping is free, but all sales are final.

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Consumer Reports

Should You Buy an Oximeter?

Some doctors are recommending that people with Covid-19 or symptoms of it would do well to monitor their blood oxygen levels with a simple device you slip on your finger called an oximeter. (See eye-opening CBS video that suggests that dropping blood oxygen levels can be more of an early indicator of a problem than shortness of breath.) These devices can be very inaccurate, so look for models that have been screened by the FDA. Consumer Reports weighs the pros and cons, but does not recommend any particular brand (and explicitly recommends against cellphone apps and Fitbits).

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