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Amazon Wants You to Buy Less; Cancels Mother's and Father's Day Promotions

Auto Insurers Graded on Refund Promises


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Mouse Print* -- Frontier Airlines Hides Its Refund Option

mouse print With such upheaval in the travel industry, airlines are dragging their feet in providing cash refunds to customers despite reminders of the law from federal officials. One airline in particular did all they could to hide the refund option on their website by using the smallest fine print disclosure you probably have ever seen. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

How Major Credit Card Issuers Are Helping Distressed Cardholders

credit cards Some of the major credit card companies are making concessions for cardholders who are having a hard time paying their bills on time. While most are handling issues on an individual basis after you contact them, some are disclosing in advance deferral policies, waiver of fees, etc.



More Stores Say "No Paper Coupons"

coupons Some supermarkets are no longer accepting paper coupons because of fear they could carry coronavirus germs. BJ's Wholesale Club was one of the first to ban them, but now Peapod (delivery service for Stop & Shop and Giant) has nixed them. As an alternative, stores suggest you use online coupons that you can "clip" and load onto your grocery store loyalty card.

NY Gov Imagines the Simple Joys of Life After Covid-19 [slide timeline to 2:20 for best part; you may need to reload video twice]

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Bargain of the Week

3 Free Hallmark Cards

Hallmark has put together a collection of three free greeting cards suitable to say thank you to others who are everyday heroes. Hallmark will mail the cards to you if you fill out this form.

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