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List of Auto Insurers Providing Rate Discounts or Rebates

In UK, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Rigged; Group Swindled Show Out of Millions According to New Documentary


One-Way Aisles Coming to a Supermarket Near You

Gasoline Can Go Stale; How to Prevent Problems in Your Idle Car

Jailed Frye Festival Fraudster Says New Venture Is Not a Scam

If You Can't Pay All Your Bills...

FTC Settles With Williams-Sonoma Over False Made in USA Claims

Consumers Find Travel Insurance Policies All But Worthless

Americans' Financial Literary (Still) Sucks

VT Ordered Big Box Stores to Only Sell Essential Items

Beware Unproven Immunity Booster Claims Even From Tom Brady

United Airlines Sued For Failing to Give Refunds

Airlines Want Out of Rule Requiring Refunds for Cancelled Flights

FDA Eases Menu and Food Labeling Rules During Coronavirus

How to Protect Yourself Using Uber, Taxi, or Rental Car

Food Choices in Grocery Stores Changes Because of Covid-19

Dairy Farmers Are Dumping Milk, While Consumer Purchases Are Being Limited

10 Free Games for High School Students to Learn About Personal Finance

Video Conferencing Comparison: Skype vs. Zoom

One-Third of American Renters Didn't Pay April Rent

Some Tenants With Jobs Didn't Pay Rent; Landlords May Take Action

Mastercard Expects a Flood of Chargebacks

Can an Air Purifier Capture Coronavirus Particles?

Scam: Speed Up Delivery of Your Stimulus Check

Face Mask and Toilet Paper Scams Abound Online

For Techies Only: How to Grab a Quicker Delivery Appointment for Amazon Fresh/Whole Foods

Case Proceeds Against H&R Block for Advertising Free Tax Prep But Then Charging $

New Way to Get Quicker Instacart Shop Dates

Some Consumers Cheat Instacart Shoppers on Tips

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Mouse Print* -- Deceptive Email Subject Lines Mislead Consumers

mouse print With restaurants only serving takeout, they are trying to lure housebound and hungry people to their eateries. One way some are doing that is sending out emails offering $5 off their online orders. That could be a great deal depending what you want to get. But the offers are not quite what the subject line of the emails would lead you to believe. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Is It Safe to Open Packages and Mail?

Coronavirus There are people that spray or wipe down packages or mail before opening. Is that really necessary? According to the CDC, the risk is very low for the coronavirus to spread from packages or mail.



Save-a-Lot Makes Refunds Without Returns


A number of retailers are currently banning returns. But, now limited assortment supermarket Save-a-Lot is doing the same thing but with a twist. You still can get a refund under their 100% money back guarantee, just don't bring the item back to the store thereby cutting the COVID-19 risk. A receipt will do. Hat's off to Save-a-Lot for this pro-consumer move.

Look at These Crazy Homemade Masks

masked man

Masks are not easy to find locally, so many people are creating their own crazy ones.

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Bargain of the Week

BJ's Wholesale Club Membership - $20

For new members, you can get a one-year BJ's Wholesale Club membership for only $20 (reg. $55) through Groupon. (Enter BJs in the search field on the Groupon website to find the offer if not on the homepage.) Your membership will automatically renew unless you cancel auto-renewal. ++

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How to Turn an Obsolete Laptop Into a Functioning Chromebook

We all have long-abandoned computers at home gathering dust. Now Consumer Reports gives you step-by-step instructions on how to turn them into a modern functioning Chromebook.

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