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How to Prevent the Spread of Covid-19 When Doing the Laundry

Airlines Ordered to Make Refunds


Some Details "McMillions" Docu-series Omitted

How to Avoid Side Effects of Prescription Drugs

When Discarding Documents, Which Should You Shred?

The History of Hand Sanitizer

Does the Steam Setting on High-Priced Washers Really Clean Clothes Better?

This Romance Scam Did NOT Start on a Dating Site

How to Try to Keep Your Finances in Check During Coronavirus

Health Insurance Rates May Skyrocket Next Year Helps Track Local Inventory of Essential Items

DOJ Attempts to Shut Down Fraudulent Vaccine Selling Site

If You Can't Pay All Your Bills in April...

When Poor Countries Burn Plastic Bottles, Environment Threatened

FTC Returns +$1-mil to Scammed Inventors

Your Credit Card Number Could Be Skimmed From Infected Legitmate Sites

FCC Gives Telcos Until June 2021 to Help Stop Most Robocalls

How Sick Will You Get From Coronavirus? It Depends!

The $2-Tril Stimulus Bill Waives 2020 Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) from Retirement Accounts

5 Stimulus Check Scams to Avoid

To Ease Crowding, VT Tells Big Box Stores to Stop Selling Non-Essentials

Ways to Get Parts of Microsoft Office Free (beware autoplay)

36 Cleaning Hacks

Anti-Consumer Court Decision: OK to Mislead Buyers on Front of Label If Back Tells the Truth

Wi-Fi Might Charge Your Cellphone in the Future

Radio Host Sentenced to 25 Years for Swindling $29-mil From Seniors

He Has a Different Explanation for Empty Toilet Paper Shelves

Video Explains What To Do If You Can't Pay Your Mortgage

Safety Tips Using Zoom for Teleconferencing

FDA Recommends Recall of All Zantac Pills and Generics

Surgeon General Demonstrates Making a Face Mask From an Old Tee Shirt [video]

After the Pandemic, How to Win a Home Bidding War

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Mouse Print* -- Is This the Way to Give Workers a Bonus?

mouse print Many employees are facing tough economic times, so some employers are stepping up to help them with extra pay. One large retail chain is financing a bonus for its workers via an automatic surcharge on customers' bills. Is this right? That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Cheapest Gas in Decades But Nowhere To Go

gas 69 cents

Should You Wear Gloves When Grocery Shopping?

Coronavirus Many people are questioning how safe it is to shop in a crowded supermarket, and what type of protective gear you should have on. This story tries to answer the question about whether it is advisable to wear gloves at the grocery store.



The Sad Story of a Beloved Young Teacher Stricken With Coronavirus

In one of the most emotional interviews you will ever see, CNN's Erin Burnett spoke to a woman married to a beloved teacher who passed away because of COVID-19. Her simple message: Stay home. Get a tissue ready.

Play FTC Scam Bingo

FTC Scam Bingo

If you're bored at home, you can play the FTC's new game "Scam Bingo." Put an "X" over every box if you have received one of the scams mentioned, such as for coronavirus cures, social security warnings, etc. Print your bingo card.

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Bargain of the Week

FREE: 500+ Hours of HBO Shows Including McMillions

Using the HBO GO or HBO Now app or their respective websites, you can watch a number of HBO series and documentaries free of charge. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THE FREE TRIAL. Offerings include McMillions -- the new documentary we have been recommending showing how the McDonald's Monopoly game was rigged for years.

Walgreens Expands Senior Day to Every Tuesday

Now every Tuesday, people 55+ can get 30% off the REGULAR price of non-sale Walgreens store brand items in store, or online by using promo code senior30 when you checkout. Remember shipping is now free on most items. Name brand items are 20% off.

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Best/Worst Car Brands

Consumer Reports has come out with a list of the best car brands based on testing, customer surveys, crash tests, and reliability. Topping the rankings: Porsche!

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