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Is Takeout or Delivered Food Safe?

33 AGs Tell Amazon, Walmart, Others to Stop Price Gouging [See actual letters sent]


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Mouse Print* -- Purell Maker Sued for Unsubstantiated Claims

mouse print Just at the time when people are clearing store shelves of hand sanitizers, the Food and Drug Administration and three class action lawsuits claim that Purell lacks sound scientific evidence that its hand sanitizers prevent or reduce the incidence of illness and disease. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

A Moment of Inspiration...

As New Yorkers suffer the worst effects of the coronavirus, Lin-Manuel Miranda (of Hamilton fame) salutes the city in a song that really should be retitled "Cheering for YOU Now."

How Major Credit Card Issuers Are Extending Help

credit cards Most major card issuers have released statements outlining how they plan to assist customers during this challenging time. Cardholders may be able to skip payments, avoid late fees and receive lower interest rates.



Don't Pay Outrageous Prices for Toilet Paper

$1100 toilet paper

Believe it or not, some crazy (or very rich) person seemingly paid $1100 for one package of 30 rolls of Charmin last week on eBay.

Toilet Paper Shortages? Buy a Bidet!

bidet While the rest of the consumer world cleared store shelves of toilet paper, MrConsumer was sitting pretty because some years ago he bought a bidet. It was a $40 one from Amazon that he installed himself under the toilet seat. With a turn of the knob, it shoots a narrow stream of cold water to clean one's behind. Fancier models can shoot warm water and even blow dry you. Here are bidet test results from Wirecutter.

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Bargain of the Week

AT&T Prepaid: $15/mo. for 2-GB and Unlimited Talk/Text

For a limited time, AT&T prepaid is offering for new and existing customers a 2-GB data plan with unlimited talk and text for only $15 a month. [THIS IS A NEW LINK.] Unused data rolls over for one month and is used last. Historically, AT&T prepaid plans include taxes and fees except for sales tax, but this plan could be different. NOTE: AT&T Prepaid is now hiding the $15 plan.

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Do You Need All Those Extras When Getting Eyeglasses?

When you get new eyeglasses you are often asked if you want antireflective lenses, tinting, scratch-resistant coating, etc. Do you need any of these? Here's what Consumer Reports recommends.

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