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Mouse Print* -- When Canceling a Flight, Do You Get a Cash Refund or Credit for Future Travel?

mouse print Last week, the federal Department of Transportation proposed new rules to clarify regulations regarding airlines' obligations in the case of canceled or delayed flights. We examine what you'll be entitled to under the new rules. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Many Home COVID-19 Test Expiration Dates Have Been Extended

covid tests If you are like many people, you have a stockpile of free home COVID-19 tests in your home. They all have expiration dates. But, according to the FDA, those dates may not be accurate. The FDA has actually extended those expiration dates by up to six months, depending on brand. Look at the links provided here to see the new expiration dates for many home tests.


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Can You Trust Doctor/Dentist Online Reviews?

fake reviews It is not just restaurants and gizmo sellers who are paying money for fake reviews to be posted online. Some doctors and dentists don't exactly have clean hands in this arena also. See this eye-opening story and video.

2022 Cars With the Lowest Cost to Own

new car Kelley Blue Book announced its list of the least expensive cars to own over a five-year period when including insurance, maintenance costs, fuel costs, and most importantly, depreciation. The list is divided into categories such as SUVs, Trucks, Cars, EVs, etc.

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Bargain of the Week

Free Goat Cheese After Rebate

MrConsumer is lactose intolerant but discovered to his joy and delight he can eat goat cheese! And what is better than being able to try some, if you never have before, for free. Montchevre is offering a full price rebate (up to $8) for a four-ounce log. The rebate is via PayPal or Venmo only. Only about 3,000 rebates are left, so hurry. Check the list of participating retailers when you clickthrough.

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How to Deal With Your Dentist's Recommendations

Years ago, MrConsumer's dentist recommended replacing an old, failing filling. Not long afterward, that led to a toothache, and then a root canal, and then an expensive root tip procedure. This Consumer Reports story helps you better understand the pros and cons and issues surrounding certain dental procedures.

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