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Consumer Reports Says "Don't Wash That Turkey"

Meijer Testing Sale of Nearly-Expired Food for Half Price Via App


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Top 10 Tips to Bag a Bargain During Black Friday Week

Black Friday Shopping tips It's time to get ready for the single best bargain shopping day week of the year -- Black Friday. The official day is actually November 29. But as in past years, some of the deals are already available or will go live Monday and Wednesday of Black Friday week. Here are our best tips to snare a great deal along with specific picks for some of the best-priced items.

Supermarket Price Comparison: Aldi vs. Walmart vs. Kroger

shopping cart The website Cheapism compared dozens of grocery items at Walmart, Aldi, and Kroger to come up with the low price winner in two categories: stores brands and name brands. Can you guess who won?

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10 Worst (Unsafest) Toys for 2019

toys Every year, World Against Toys Causing Harm releases its list of the unsafest toys. Among other safety concerns, the list has projectile toys that could fire with enough force to potentially cause eye injuries and toys that encourage children to jump or ride with the potential for head injuries. Some of these toys are marketed with inconsistent safety messages or warning labels. And small parts are still an issue.

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Mouse Print* -- Old Navy Sued Over Fake Sales, Inflated "Regular" Prices

mouse print Old Navy is being accused of playing games with its sale prices. According to a just-filed lawsuit, the clothing chain rarely charges the regular marked price of items, so their sales don't really offer shoppers the savings that they are claiming. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Check Out the Black Friday Ads Now

No need to wait until Thursday's newspapers to be published, you scan Black Friday circulars right now at Most are already posted.

CVS 500-ct Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, or Aspirin - $5

Until Wednesday only, if Black Friday shopping and the holidays give you a headache, you're in luck. CVS has 500-count bottles of their own brand of acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or aspirin for only $5 in most stores.

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Consumer Reports

The 10 Most Reliable 2020 Cars

Consumer Reports just issued the equivalent of its top 10 list for new cars that it believes are the most reliable. (List is viewable free, details only available to C/R subscribers.)

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