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Week of May 8, 2023
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25 Cheapest Places to Live in the U.S.

The ChatBot Will See You Now: Docs Experiment With AI Answers to Patient Questions


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Mouse Print* -- Don't Assume Similar Products Have the Same Ingredients

mouse print Our colleague, the Ingredient Inspector, discovered that quite a number of brand name groceries have spinoff products under the same name, but their ingredients are far different. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Romance Scams Explode; State by State Stats; Most Common Fake Pics and Ploys Used

scammer Losses from romance scams more than doubled last year to almost $1.5-bil. This comprehensive report shows which states have the most victims, average monetary losses, the most common lies used, a portfolio of the most used fake pictures, and a smuggled out "how-to" manual used by Nigerian scammers.


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How to Avoid Airline Luggage Fees

luggage Airline luggage fees can sting. Travel consumer advocate Christopher Elliott has a few strategies to avoid paying extra for your airline luggage. They include studying the airline's luggage rules, adopting unconventional methods of getting your stuff on a plane, taking practical steps to ensure your bags are underweight, and other shortcuts. Included is a handy chart showing which airlines offer free luggage and which do not.

Consumer Eyeopener

Shoppers' Credit Cards Being Charged at Checkouts While Still in Their Back Pocket!

This sounds impossible. But, several shoppers have come forward with stories of being at a store's checkout and before they can even take out their wallet, their credit cards have been charged. These are cards with a built-in RFID chip that are used on payment terminals where you just tap to pay. Normally, the card has to be within an inch or so of the terminal to be read, but these shoppers say it was nowhere near it. You can protect cards that have the tap-to-pay symbol )))) by using an RFID blocking card sleeve.

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Bargain of the Week

Don't Miss Out on May's Class Action Settlements

This month is the deadline to submit claims in a number of class action case settlements. It may only be a few dollars, but better you should have the money than the company accused of wrongdoing. Here's the list and how to file a claim.

Ocean Spray Craisins - $5.99

It has been a long time since Costco had dried cranberries on sale. The big four-pound bags are $4 off, which should make them $5.99 in most areas. Sale ends May 14th.

Walgreens Food Storage Bags -- Buy 1 @$2.79, Get 2 Free

This is a repeat of a great deal. The lowest price anywhere for zipper plastic food storage bags. Buy one Complete Home box, get two free -- total price: $2.79. Choose from 50 zipper sandwich bags, or 20 quart or gallon zipper storage or freezer bags. Note: some of these bags are $4.39 per box when not on sale. Boxes of 150 fold-lock sandwich bags are also included in this sale. Sale ends May 13.

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Consumer Reports

Should You Buy a TV at Costco?

Depending on what you're looking for, buying a TV from Costco can make a lot of sense. But Costco sometimes gets customized models with say an extra HDMI input, and thus a model number unique to Costco. That makes comparisons harder with other sellers.

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