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This week: Three Real-Life Consumer Stories:

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Mouse Print* -- Lowe's SpringFest Grill Deal Only Looked Smoking Hot

mouse print One of our regular readers wrote to us last week complaining about a great deal that Lowe's advertised on a Weber grill. It was hundreds of dollars off during their big "SpringFest" sale... or was it? That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

NY TV Reporter Believed His Mother Was Kidnapped, Held for Ransom, And He Paid It

You may never see a more powerful, real-life consumer scam story. A local NBC reporter in New York got a call from his mother's home phone number but a man got on the line telling him his mother was being held hostage. And he wanted money to let her go. The reporter went into a real life panic, begging not to hurt his mother, and promising to send money via Venmo and other instant payment services. What made this virtual kidnapping scam so real was that the scammer spoofed the reporter's mother's phone number so it really looked like the call was coming from her. Watch the story above, or find a longer version of it here.


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She Ordered a Product, Never Got It, And PayPal and Her Credit Card Ruled Against Her!

frustration When ordering stuff online, we all know there is protection against fraud simply by using a credit card or a payment service like PayPal. Or so this consumer thought. She bought an air fryer online for $129 and never received it. And both her credit card issuer, Capital One, and PayPal sided with the scam seller. Here's how she finally got help.

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Bargain of the Week

6 Cans Blue Diamond Almonds - $3.77 Total Net Price After Rebate

This is an absolutely crazy deal. If you buy six cans of Blue Diamond Almonds, you get a $10 rebate. (Use the rebate with the nut cans pictured, offer code ABDSWEEPS.) And you can do this 5 times, for a total of $50, if you mail each redemption separately. Six-ounce cans of Blue Diamond Almonds are on sale at Walgreens this week, buy one for $4.59, get one free (price is in app or online for free in-store pickup). Otherwise you will pay $4.99 in-store, buy one, get one free. Alternatively, CVS has cans 2 for $5 through Saturday. Rebate must be received by May 31.

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Best Sunscreens

With tanning season just around the corner, Consumer Reports has just released some its top performers for lotion and spray sunscreens. They are listed in alphabetical order within each category. Ratings only available to online subscribers, but hint: Equate was the top lotion and a bargain, and Hawaiian Topic Island Sport is the top-rated spray.

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