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Week of March 18, 2024
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Settlement Means Likely Savings on Real Estate Agent Commissions

Some Automakers Share Your Driving Habits With Insurers

10 Supermarkets That Offer the Best Value


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Mouse Print*-- Presidential Election Campaign Fund Pays for Medical Research Too?

mouse print A funny thing happened when one of our readers was trying to decide whether to designate $3 to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund on his tax return. The fine print in his tax preparation software revealed a totally unexpected surprise. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

New Tools to Find Cheap(er) Airfares

airplane Christopher Elliott, the master of travel consumer information and advocacy, points you to some new and lesser-known websites that help you find airfare bargains.


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Dynamic Pricing May Be Coming to Grocers

Electronic Shelf Label

With all the talk about implementing then canceling surge pricing at Wendy's, concern has been rising about what other types of sellers would use it. The answer is supermarkets because those that install electronic shelf labels (ESLs) like the one above (that is an LCD display NOT a paper sticker) could very easily change prices with just a few keystrokes. Consumer advocates worried about this possibility 30 years ago, but it has taken this long for ESLs to start to be adopted.

bon Appetit Picks the Best Chocolate Chips

Nestle chocolate chips Fans of homemade chocolate chip cookies will be interested to read what the culinary experts at bon Appetit magazine have to say about popular brands of chocolate chips. You may be surprised to learn that the most famous brand was the least liked!

Consumer Alert

Beware Security Risks of Off-Brand Video Doorbells

Consumer Reports says that some off-brand video doorbells are so insecure that people around the world can login to your video feed! And they are still for sale at Amazon, Walmart, Temu, and other sellers. Here is the full story from Consumer Reports.

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Bargain of the Week

Flower and Vegetable Seeds - 4 for $1

Spring into spring at Dollar Tree where those little seed packets that used to be 10 for $1 at some drug chains every spring are 4 for $1 at the popular dollar store.

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Consumer Reports

Which To Do: Repair or Replace Your Major Appliance?

Consumer Reports has developed a tool to help you make a decision of whether it is better to repair or replace a major appliance given the cost of the appliance, its age, and the estimated cost of repair.

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