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Week of March 6, 2023
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Mouse Print* -- Those Devilish Keebler Elves Are at It Again

mouse print No, they're not shrinking their cookies bags again. Rather, they are promising one thing on the front of the package but then saying the opposite when you check the back of it. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Top Consumer Complaints for 2022

consumer complaints In honor of National Consumer Protection Week, we bring you news of the top consumer complaints reported across the country last year. There were over 5-million reports of ID theft, imposter scams, and credit bureau issues. Consumers also lost $8.8 billion to fraud - an increase of 40%. In this comprehensive report, you can look up both national statistics, as well as the top scams and losses in your state. See the percentage of complaints received in 29 categories on page seven.


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They Thought They Were Buying Health Insurance, But Got Saddled With Big Bills

insurance Consumers thought they were buying health insurance with a religious aura. They put their faith in Liberty Heathshare -- in what's known as a health care sharing ministry, a nonprofit alternative to medical insurance. They promise no red tape, lower costs and compassion for the sick. Instead, when faced with unpaid medical bills, many members suffered pain and financial loss.

Consumer Alert Update

Ads for Counterfeit Postage Stamps Continue

If you see an ad for a roll of 100 U.S. postage stamps for $29.99 -- they are likely fake. And now the U.S. Postal Service says they are working on rules that would allow them to either open or dispose of mail sent with counterfeit postage.

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Bargain of the Week

Save 20% on Select Categories at Target

Target Circle Week runs through March 11 offering a 20% discount on select items in broad merchandise categories like vitamins, skin care, swimwear, bedding, outdoor furniture, bath towels, and more. (See all the 20% off categories.) And, they say they are giving every Target Circle member a free $99 TripAdvisor Plus membership for a year upon request. That membership will NOT auto-renew after a year according to Target's terms and conditions. WARNING: As of late Monday, March 6, TripAdvisor changed the fine print on THEIR sign-up form so the membership will NOT self-renew. However, the actual form you fill out still requires your credit card. In our view, TripAdvisor has no business asking for or collecting that information when no purchase is being made. As such, WE CANNOT RECOMMEND THAT YOU SIGN UP FOR THIS OFFER. Target Circle is free to join.

Walgreens Food Storage Bags -- Buy 1 @$2.79, Get 2 Free

It has been months and months since Walgreens has offered this deal -- the lowest price anywhere for plastic food storage bags. Buy one, get two free -- total price: $2.79. Choose from 50 zipper sandwich bags, or 20 quart or gallon zipper storage or freezer bags. Note: the gallon freezer bags are normally $3.79, and they are the best deal ringing up at $2.79 plus two free.

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Consumer Reports

Will an Electric Car Save You Money?

Consumer Reports looks at all the costs in buying and operating a car to get a sense if you can save enough money buying an electric car to offset its higher sticker price. The answer: it depends.

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