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Mouse Print* -- Do These Products Really Give You 40-50% More?

mouse print Consumer products manufacturers are very clever sometimes. Many of them try to draw your attention to their products on store shelves by emblazoning them with a "50% More" claim. But are these companies really giving you a big bonus? That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Investigation Finds Allstate Can Target "Suckers" for Large Increases or Minimal Discounts

car insurance A major investigative report (full report) by Consumer Reports and big tech watchdog "The Markup" reveals that Allstate created an algorithm that identified customers likely too lazy to comparison shop for lower insurance rates and thus they were able to theoretically jack up their car insurance rates. And rather than give big discounts to some who were overpaying, the company's computer program figured out those who would accept small reductions in premiums. Here is a summary of the report.



Milk, Juice, and Soda Under Fire Over Health Concerns

milk Two reports last week suggested that milk does not do some bodies good. The first study linked consumption of as little as one cup of milk a day with up to a 50% increased risk of breast cancer in women. A second story in the NY Times suggests there is controversy about the need for milk and fruit juice for other than small children, and that plant-based milks are particularly questionable. And a third study published last week suggested that having more than one serving of sugary beverages a day adversely affected cholesterol levels thus raising the risk of heart disease.

Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran Swindled Out of $400K in Imposter Scam

Barbara Corcoran Even the rich and famous can be stung by a clever scam. When the Shark Tank star's bookkeeper got an email from Barbara's assistant approving a nearly $400,000 invoice for real estate renovations, she paid it. Turns out the email from the assistant was fake and all that money got wired to a scamster. Savvy Barbara actually got her money back. How did she do it? We'll have that story here next week. In the meantime, know that impersonation scams are on the beware during National Consumer Protection Week.

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Bargain of the Week

Unlimited Panera Coffee - $8.99/Month

Panera has just introduced its "unlimited" coffee subscriptions. You pay $8.99 a month and can get any size cup and flavor of hot coffee, iced coffee or HOT tea (ice tea not included) almost anytime you want. (You must wait at least two hours before requesting a refill on the same day.) For people hooked on coffee shop coffee, this is an amazing deal. Frequently asked questions here.

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