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How to Protect Yourself From Hidden Fees

hidden fees We get nickel and dimed every day by companies that advertise one price to lure you in, then jack up the bill with sneaky fees. Consumer Reports has just published a major story on the subject looking at the industries with the most hidden fees like travel, cable, banking, and more. Learn how to spot them.

Google and Gmail Know What You've Bought

shopping bags Believe it or not, Google has been keeping track of some (but nowhere near all) of your purchases (and this has nothing to do with you using Google Express). See what's on your list of purchases, and learn how to delete them (with great difficulty).



14 Frugal Habits of the Rich and Famous

piggy bank It is surprising to hear how some very rich people save money. For example, former Massachusetts governor and current presidential candidate Mitt Romney buys his golf clubs at Kmart. Michelle Obama shops at Target. See how other rich and famous people cut corners.

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Mouse Print* -- This Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Right?

mouse print The best type of olive oil is extra virgin -- from the first pressing of the olives. And shoppers pay a premium for it. The oil we scrutinize this week says it is EVOO but is that true? That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

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Bargain of the Week

$35 off a $70 Purchase When Getting a New Target REDcard

If you shop at Target and don't already have a Target REDcard (debit or credit), sign up by June 15 and you'll get a coupon in the mail for $35 off a $70 purchase (some exclusions apply) good until July 20. A Target REDcard automatically gives you 5% off most purchases and free shipping without having to meet the normal free shipping purchase threshold. And you get a longer return period for items you don't want. A Target debit card works just like your bank's debit card taking money for purchases out of your checking account.

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Decoding Bread Labels

There are so many different healthy-sounding types of bread on the market these days, like whole grain, 12 grain, double fiber, etc. Consumer Reports helps decode what these terms mean.

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