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Consumer News Quickies

Google Intros Scam Spotter: Golden Rules to Avoid Scams; Take the Quiz

COVID Surcharges Are Spreading and Customers Are Not Happy


In Scotland, Scam Caller Tries to Collect Fine for Violating Covid-19 Rules

Ways to Cut Your Car Insurance Premiums

FTC Sends 50 More Warning Letters to Purveyors of Fake COVID-19 Products

NYT Gets $100K Back for Travelers After Boston Tour Operator Balks

Pandemic's New Threat: Aggressive Rodents!

Cancelled "Prairie Home Companion" Cruise Leaves Passengers Shortchanged

KFC Tests New Chicken Sandwich to Compete With Popeye's Blockbuster

Federal and State Protections for Some Renters Who Fall Behind

Price Comparison of Eyeglasses and Contacts Online vs. In-Store

GE Selling Its Consumer Lighting Business

AZ-AG Sues Google Over Unauthorized Location Tracking of Users

A Credit Card Chargeback May Get You a Refund When Seller Won't

Gee, Should We Move to India Where Guaranteed Gov't Bonds Earn 7.75%?

Blue Cross Sues CVS Alleging Overcharging on Prescriptions

In Germany, Burger King Uses Social Distancing Crown to Separate Customers

How to Help Your Elderly Parents With Their Finances Amid Coronavirus [no alternate sources]

How to Get Cell Service on the Verizon Network for Less

Major Cell Carriers Rated on Customer Satisfaction

Automated Background Checks Freeze Out Certain Would-Be Renters

TSA Issues New Rules for Travelers

UPS Adds Peak Surcharges of 30 Cents to $31.45 for Amazon, Target, Walmart

UK Stand-Up Comic Creates TV Consumer Help Comedy Show

Home Virus Tests Approved With Little Scrutiny; Results Questioned

KitchenAid/Whirlpool Refuses to Pay for Kitchen Damage After Toaster Oven Fire

People Are Accidentally Throwing Out Stimulus Payments That Look Like Junk Mail

Tuesday Morning Files for Bankruptcy; Closing 1/3 of Stores (List)

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Consumer World Original

Mouse Print* -- Holy Sheet: Is This How They Sell Magazines Now?

mouse print A regular reader got a big surprise when he bought a set of Better Homes and Gardens sheets at Walmart a couple of weeks ago. He thought he got a free bonus with the purchase, but the fine print of the offer suggested otherwise. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Study: Fake Reviews Double Sales of Lousy Products

reviews The UK consumer organization, Which?, recently conducted a fascinating experiment. They showed 10,000 people a variety of products with star ratings and reviews, including some "Don't Buy" items based on Which?'s own testing results. Some test takers were exposed to glowing reviews and inflated star ratings for those bad products, and that doubled their purchase intention compared to those who saw honest reviews.


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Can a Business Charge Extra for Using a Credit Card?

credit cards As businesses look for more ways to help cover their expenses in these unusual times, you may see some try to tack on convenience fees or credit card surcharges. The former are generally allowed for companies that don't usually accept credit cards, but surcharges may or may not permitted based on state law. See the rules for each state.

A Crook Could Claim Your Unemployment Payments

scammer Millions of dollars are being stolen by foreign crooks who are applying for unemployment in your name using ID info gained from various companies that were breached. So if you get a letter in the mail saying your claim was approved, but you never applied for unemployment, immediately notify your state unemployment office and AG. The fraudulent claim could prevent you from making a real claim over the next 39 weeks.

Consumer Humor

How to Eat With a Mask On

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Bargain of the Week

GE 8000 BTU Smart Air Conditioner - $229.88

This GE smart a/c is $100 less than suggested retail and shipping is free from BrandsMart USA.

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Consumer Reports

Flawed FDA System Leaves Dangerous Supplements on the Market

Consumer Reports says that a reporting system used by the FDA to spot adverse consequences of dietary supplements is flawed. And that puts consumers in danger.

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