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Mouse Print* -- Can Crest Toothpaste Really Repair Your Gums?

mouse print The makers of Crest Toothpaste have been sued multiple times this year for allegedly misleading claims for their "Gum & Enamel Repair" toothpaste. We review the claims being made. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Keep Your Real Email Address, Phone Number, and Credit Card Number Private

credit cards Whenever MrConsumer shops online at an unfamiliar store, he uses a virtual credit card. It is a temporary number with a short expiration date and charge limit linked to your real credit card. That way the merchant never has your real credit card number for possible future fraudulent use. There are also ways to hide your real email address and phone number. All these techniques are described in this Wirecutter story.


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How to Get a Free VIN Report on a Used Car

bad car With the used car market on fire at the moment, should you decide to take the plunge before prices fall, make sure you check the vehicle's history. You can ask the dealer to show you a CarFax report to see if the car has been previously totaled or declared a lemon. You can get some of this information for free using these resources that look up the VIN (vehicle identification number).

Study: Hospitals Perform Too Many Tests and Procedures; Best/Worst Hospitals

doctor A health care watchdog organization says that many hospitals perform often needless tests and procedures, including some with inherent risks. Their full report lists the top 50 and bottom 50 hospitals for avoiding overuse.

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Free Pint of Nightfood Ice Cream After Rebate

Try a container of Nightfood ice cream and get a full instant rebate via PayPal when you upload your receipt. The fine print suggests that you might also be able to get your money back via Venmo or as a Amazon egift card. Use the site's locator to find stores that carry the product near you.

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How to Negotiate the Price of a New Car Effectively

Consumer Reports knows that buying a car can be a painful experience. Here are some of their tips and techniques to try to negotiate the best price possible.

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