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Week of July 22, 2019 (see last week)

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Cell Carrier Speed and Reliability Study for 2019 First Half Released

cell Root Metrics just released its latest study of cell service by performing nearly four million tests across 125 metropolitan areas. They tested reliability, speed, data, calls and texting. In first place was Verizon winning or sharing top honors in all categories. AT&T was a close second. Here's the full report (pdf). On this interactive map, you can see how the big four carriers scored in your area.

Free Stuff Sent From Amazon Is a Scam

Amazon People across the country are receiving boxes of unsolicited goods sent from Amazon. (MrConsumer should be so lucky.) Under federal law, they are yours to keep as a gift since they were unsolicited. But behind the free gifts is a scam called "brushing." Crooked third-party sellers are sending these items from among those they sell so they can write fake five-star reviews for them. A "feature" in Amazon's system allows gift givers to post reviews for products as a "verified buyer" thus lending legitimacy to the review in readers' minds.



Get Dollar Store Stuff for Free

Dollar Tree Did you know that you can use manufacturers coupons at dollar stores like Dollar Tree and Dollar General? You can, and that's how you can get merchandise for free. And there are websites that match up currently available merchandise at those stores with just published coupons.

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Mouse Print* -- Thanks for Nothing - Summer 2019

mouse print It's time for another round of ads and offers that seem to offer one thing, but in reality when you check the fine print or learn the details you actually get less than you expected. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Get Up to $20 From Utz in Snack Food Settlement

If you bought any Utz or Bachman snacks like potato chips or pretzels between December 30, 2010 and March 30, 2019 which claimed to be "natural" or "all natural," [see product list] you may be entitled to $2 per bag up to $20 in this class action settlement. Claim deadline is July 28. File claims here online.

Office Depot/Office Max Notebooks

It is back to school time with some great deals on school supplies. Office Depot has 70-sheet spiral notebooks for 10 cents each (limit four). [No $5 purchase required.] If there is no Office Max/Office Depot near you, get Staples to match the price.

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Consumer Reports

Which Cordless Stick Vacuums Run the Longest?

Consumer Reports tested a variety of stick vacuums that run on rechargeable batteries. Most of them only will run for 24-27 minutes before pooping out. Two models will run over 40 minutes, and the top model is a relative bargain.

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