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Mouse Print* -- Don't Let a Product's Name Fool You!

mouse print As we age, many people wind up getting toenail fungus that makes your once pretty toes look very unattractive. But alas, there are products on the market to seemingly fix that unsightly condition... that is, until you read the fine print on the label. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Most/Least Tax-Friendly States for Retirees

hammock One factor to consider when choosing a place to retire is how that state will tax you. This report spotlights the 10 states with the most tax-friendly policies and the 10 states that have two hands in your wallet.


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How to Tweak Your Surgical Mask for Better Protection

surgical mask Many people wear those those blue accordian-pleated masks because they are cheap and make breathing a little easier. But, they are not form-fitting on the sides. This doctor offers a simple hack to help close those gaps.

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Sign of the Times: Wear a Mask or Else

wear a mask

If you find a funny consumer-related video or picture (not copyrighted) please submit it with a link to the source to: comment (at symbol) . Photo credit: Reddit.

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Bargain of the Week

Get a Free Item at CVS Daily Until July 18

If you download the CVS app to your phone, you can get a free item every day until Saturday (while supplies last at your local store). Upcoming items good only on the day it is featured include: popcorn, facial wipes, floss picks, antibiotic ointment, veggie sticks, and a 3-pack of toothbrushes. Now before you get carried away and visit CVS daily this week, be cautious when going to retail stores during the pandemic. Is it really worth taking a chance just for a free bag of popcorn on Monday?

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Best Food Processors

Consumer Reports highlights the top five food processors in its tests. They are listed alphabetically in this story. So which are the best ones? Hint: The first one ranked #1, the fifth ranked #2, and the third ranked #3.

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