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Mouse Print* -- Thanks for Nothing -- Summer 2021

mouse print It is once again time for another round of "Thanks for Nothing" where we examine some companies' practices or promotions that just make you scratch your head or even chuckle. You'll surely say "what were they thinking" after reading some of these. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

25 Sneaky Car Sales Tactics

car Many people don't like to go car shopping because of the various negotiating tactics and other tricks some dealerships may subject buyers to. Here are 25 of them to be aware of before you go to the dealer.


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Beware Surprise Colonoscopy Bills

CBS recently investigated what happens after people use the simple Cologuard home test to check for possible colon cancer, get a positive result, and then go for a real colonoscopy. The answer is they may get a bill for the latter procedure. Preventive screenings for colorectal cancer whether Cologuard or a real colonoscopy are free under the Affordable Care Act. In some cases, depending on how the doctor codes the colonoscopy procedure for billing purposes, health insurance may not fully cover it. Although not stated in the story, the colonoscopy that this woman got was probably covered but she likely had a high copay or high deductible policy, thus she got close to a $2000 bill. Text version of the story is here.

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Bargain of the Week

Free 6-inch Turkey Sub at Subway, July 13 Only

Between 10am and noon on Tuesday this week, participating Subway locations will be giving away a free six-inch Turkey Cali Fresh sub to the first 50 customers per store.

Deadline This Week to Claim Money Back from Keurig

You have until July 15 to submit a claim in an antitrust class action settlement concerning Keurig coffee K-cups. If you bought certain of the K-cups (but NOT from Keurig directly) as far back as 2010, you may be covered. What you get back depends on the total number of claims and the state you live in.

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Get a fascinating inside look at how toilets are tested with simulated "stuff" at Consumer Reports' labs.

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