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The Best Diets for 2020

scale U.S. News convened an expert panel of nutritionists and doctors and asked them to score 35 diets in seven areas including ease of compliance, likely weight loss, and effect on the heart and diabetes. The results are ranked in various categories such as best overall diet, easiest diet to follow, etc.

Best Time to Buy: An Annual Calendar of Bargains

piggybank Growing up as a kid, MrConsumer always knew that linens went on sale in January during white sales, and that August was the best time to buy summer clearance clothes at Boston's famed Filene's Basement. With sales now running 365 days a year, good deals can pop up anytime, but this calendar of bargains by the month may help help focus your search.



Last Chance: Get Your Share of the Equifax Settlement

January 22 is the last day to file a claim in the Equifax case that arose out of the massive security breach that the credit bureau experienced two years ago. Since the FTC has warned that the money option (up to $125) is over-subscribed, you may do better selecting the free credit monitoring for between four and ten years.

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Mouse Print* -- Male Students Worry About Being Drafted Because of Loan Fine Print

mouse print With tensions in the Middle East at a fever pitch, some students who are applying for college loans are freaking out over one of the questions on the form. We check that out as well as the fine print that is likely more worrisome to them. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Where to Find Free Stuff

Who doesn't like something for nothing? This story suggests websites where companies as well as your neighbors have stuff to give away for free. These sites tend to be updated daily.

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Top Humidifiers

With winter's dry air, many people seek to add more humidity to some rooms, like a bedroom. Here are five top humidifiers in various sizes/capacities according to Consumer Reports' tests.

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