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75 Things You Don't Need to Buy

money If you are making financial resolutions for 2020, here are 75 things you can stop spending money on. There's the stuff that's used only a few times before being consigned to the basement or attic; stuff that's pricey to buy but could be rented instead; stuff that's outdated or soon-to-be obsolete; and stuff that you just don't need to begin with.

Cellphones Track Your Every Move

privacy In this major NY Times report and opinion piece, the authors obtained a file containing location data on 12 million Americans, documenting their every move over several months. Your data is out there, subject to very little regulation. In this second column, the authors answer your questions about their findings.

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2019 Return Policies: Return Deadlines Shrinking

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Mouse Print* -- Consumer Humor: TV Station Tricks Interviewees with Unexpected Fine Print

mouse print [The next new Mouse Print* story will be posted next Monday.] We end the year with a bit of consumer humor buried in the fine print. A local TV station wanted to see if people they interviewed really read the standard release that was presented to them in order for the station to use their comments in a TV newscast. Those who didn't read the release before signing got quite a surprise. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Target Christmas Clearance - 70-90% Off

This is the sale that MrConsumer looks forward to every year -- the end of season Christmas clearance at Target. Target goes through a series of price reductions on Christmas merchandise for non-food items: 50%, 70%, and finally 90% off for two days only. Last year, 90% off was on December 31 at many stores. Start checking today (Monday) and see where your Target is in the markdown process. And then check again the next day and the day after that.

TurboTax Deluxe Price Watch

The first few weeks in January usually reveal the best prices for TurboTax. Last year, the lowest price we saw was about $26.99 for TurboTax Deluxe with state. This past weekend, Amazon offered it (but now expired) for $39.99 but with a $10 Amazon gift card (making it a net price of $29.99). So if you see TT Deluxe in the $20s, that is typically the best time to buy.

RiteAid Price Watch

Walgreens is converting more RiteAid stores to their own brand in the coming weeks. If your RiteAid is on the list, expect to find 50-70% off merchandise throughout the store on items that will no longer be carried when it converts to a Walgreens.

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Consumer Reports

5 Well-Rated Smart Thermostats Under $200

You don't have to spend a ton to get a smart thermostat (and some could be dirt cheap if your local utility has a current thermostat rebate). Here are five well-rated smart thermostats according to Consumer Reports. Do consider the Sensi unit in particular.

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