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Consumer News Quickies

How Safe Is It to Shop in Stores?

Router Brands Ranked on Customer Satisfaction


BBB's NAD Supports AT&T's "Best Possible" Wi-Fi Claims

Aldi's Free Groceries Offer Is a Scam

50 Famous Consumer Brands That No Longer Exist (slide show)

Tips on Getting the Lowest Rate on a Mortgage Refinance

Eating Dried Fruit Linked to Better Overall Diet/Health

Dental Plans Ranked by Customer Satisfaction

Flyer Posts Then Deletes Video of Him Grilling Steak in Plane's Lav

Do Airlines Honor Mistake Fares?

Blood Test for Alzheimer's Now Available (Not for general screening, not covered by insurance)

Australian Woman Thought Lottery Win Notifications Were Scams -- They Were Real!

Some CA Unemployment Payments Made via BofA Debit Cards Hacked by Crooks

New DOT Rules Will Hurt Efforts to Stop Airline Deceptive Practices

Cyber Monday Set An All-Time Sales Record

How Consumers Really Use Online Reviews

The $.99 Trick Really Does Work on Shoppers

Beware Scam Calls Warning of a Pending Charge on Your Account

Your Personal Info Is Available Online for as Little as 50 Cents

NJ Couple Sues Home Depot and Subcontractor for Botched Renovation

Wyze Unveils $20 Smartwatch

Vitamin Seller That Manipulated Online Reviews to Pay $9.5-mil

Shopping Tips From the Experts to Save More Money

Couple Knowingly With COVID Flew to Hawaii; Arrested for Endangerment!

FCC Acts to Help Block One-Ring Scam Calls

Nevada Sues 20 Big Name Hotel Reservations Companies for Cheating State on Taxes

Travel Insurance May Not Cover COVID Cancellations

Puppy Scams Rising Sharply in 2020

Folgers Sued Again for Exaggerating Coffee Servings

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Consumer World Original

Mouse Print* -- Choice Hotels' Customer Service Gets Points Handling Rewards Issue

mouse print MrConsumer got bad news last week in an email that said that his accumulated Choice Hotel points were going to expire on January 1. So he called the company to try to cash them in. What a kind Choice customer service agent did will surprise you. And no, she didn't extend the expiration date. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Senior Living Communities Ranked

seniors J.D. Power questioned nearly 5,000 residents of senior living communities to determine their satisfaction with community buildings and grounds; community staff; dining; price paid for services received; resident activities; and the resident's apartment/living unit. They ranked the big name developments in two categories: independent living and assisted/memory care.

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MrConsumer For 25 years, Consumer World has served readers with the latest consumer news, money-saving tips, and independent investigations. It is your generosity (and not advertising nor corporate contributions) that keeps this site and Mouse Print* available as free consumer resources. So MrConsumer turns to you and humbly asks for your support again this year. Your gift will be most appreciated.


Updated daily

A Pasta Snob Rates 10 Supermarket Tomato Sauces

tomato sauce MrConsumer makes his own spaghetti sauce from a can of crushed tomatoes. But many people buy ready-made bottled sauces. A writer (who offers no credentials other than he's an Italian-American guy) tried 10 supermarket tomato sauces and ranked them from worst to best. (Even the best one only got a B+, however.)

Consumer Humor

Cutting the High Cost of a Trim

For the last 25-30 years or so, MrConsumer has been cutting his own hair with a Flowbee. Okay, stop laughing. Imagine how much you could have saved over this period of time -- thousands of dollars. Who's laughing now? It turns out, MrConsumer is not the only one left in the world doing this. Watch this short clip from CBS Sunday Morning.

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Bargain of the Week

Join Sam's Club for $45, Get Back a $45 Gift Card

If you are a new member, Sam's Club give you a $45 gift card when you join the club for $45. Offer ends January 31. Thanks to Dan K. for the tip.

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