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So Far, USDA Says Those Mysterious Seeds From China Are OK

Some T-Mo and AT&T Cellphones Could Stop Working


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Mouse Print* -- More Junk Fees Added to Car Rental Bills

mouse print Car rental companies are notorious for advertising a low daily rate, but when you add a slew of junk fees and taxes, the total daily cost can rise dramatically. We examine several oddball fees and learn their surprising origin. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

50 Purchases Buyers Almost Always Regret

pulling hair Have you ever bought something and then wondered if you did the right thing? Turns out many people regret certain purchases. Here are 50 that often trigger second thoughts, including gym memberships, exercise equipment, timeshares, cheap furniture, clothes that don't fit, etc.


Testing "Contactless" Pickup at Major Retailers

contactless pickup They advertise you can place your order online, and then go to the store or restaurant and have your bags put right into your trunk, with no direct human contact. Is that how it works in reality? Hearst's national consumer correspondent Jeff Rossen puts Target, Walmart, and Pizza Hut to the test. Watch video.

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Consumer Humor

These Retail Customers Are Doozies

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Bargain of the Week

4 Free Ear-Savers for Mask Wearers

If those elastic bands on most disposable masks hurt your ears (or pull them unattractively forward), Delta faucet has the answer. Just fill out this form, and they will send you four free ear-savers that let you hook those bands behind your head.

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Consumer Reports

Best Used Cars for Teenagers

Consumer Reports and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety have come up with a list of crashworthy and reliable used cars that might be suitable for teenagers. The list is broken down by size of the vehicle as well as by "best choices" and "good choices."

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