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Week of April 8, 2024
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What Most People Don't Know About Ground Beef


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Mouse Print*-- Walmart to Pay Millions for Meat Dept. Overcharges -- The Back Story

mouse print Last week, a tentative $45-million settlement was reached with Walmart. The lawsuit alleged primarily that for meat, poultry and fish items sold by weight, Walmart overcharged shoppers for years. What you didn't read in other stories is the clever way they did it. The alleged overcharges were so disguised that most shoppers would never know they overpaid. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Best Hospitals In Your State 2024

hospitals Newsweek has compiled 51 state lists of the best hospitals. They used a variety of techniques including surveys of health professionals, Medicare data, and patient questionnaires. Click the down arrow at the top of the chart to see the rankings of the best hospitals in your state.


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Kelley Blue Book Best Car Awards

Kelley Blue Book Kelley Blue Book surveyed over 12,000 new car shoppers to find out which brands of cars and trucks offered the best value, performance, in-car experience, and were most trusted. See the results in various categories.

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How Much of Your Curbside Recycling Really Gets Recycled?

[Ignore ad at beginning.] There have been reports that very little of the plastic that we use actually gets recycled. On the other hand, of the plastics sent to recycling facilities, much does get recycled they say. What's the truth? This story from WTSP tries to answer the question.

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Bargain of the Week

First and Best Mulch Sale of the Year - $2/bag

Lowe's is offering two cubic foot bags of garden mulch in various colors for the lowest price of the year - $2. (Price may vary by location.) Sale ends April 17th.

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Consumer Reports

The Truth About Certified Pre-Owned Cars

What is a certified used car? Is it better than a conventional used car? Consumer Reports explains how this can be an alternative choice.

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