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IRS Says: Masks, Sanitizer Reimbursable from HSA, or Tax Deductible Back to 2020

Major Paper Products Going Up in Price in June


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Mouse Print* -- Amazon Agrees to Savings Claims Disclosures to Settle DAs' Lawsuit

mouse print For as long as we can remember, Amazon has made its current selling price seem like a bargain by comparing it to the item's list price (that few if any sellers actually charge). Now a group of California District Attorneys has gone after Amazon for making these types of deceptive savings claims. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Best Printers With Low Ink Prices

Printer reviews

Inkjet printers may be cheap to buy, but the cost of ink cartridges for them is expensive given they get used up very quickly. Here is a video review of ink tank printers as well as some laser printers. The former use large and cheap bottles of ink that in the long run will save you money despite the printers' high purchase price. Here is a second story from Consumer Reports about refillable tank printers.


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Now Scams Popup on Your TV Screen

Roku With so many people switching to streaming services instead of cable TV, is it any wonder that scams go where the money is. A Michigan consumer was installing her new Roku streaming device on her TV when a screen popped up on her television suggesting she call an 800 number for help activating her account. She did, and wound up buying a bogus lifetime service plan for $190. It is not clear how this scam was able to come through the Roku device, but beware.

Consumer Humor

Pizzeria Uno's Wacky Announcement


The type of pizza that made Pizzeria Uno famous is no more... at least on April Fools' Day.

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Bargain of the Week

Free Donut and Coffee Mondays at Krispy Kreme

Through May 24, Krispy Kreme is giving out a free cup of coffee and a donut every Monday with no strings attached. Separately, those with a vaccination card can get a free donut daily through the end of the year.

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Consumer Reports

Supreme Court Weakens Anti-Robocall Law

Last week, the Supreme Court ruled that unsolicited notifications from Facebook did not violate federal law that bans unsolicited auto-dialed commercial calls (robocalls). Consumers Union worries that this decision carving out a loophole in the law could result a wild increase in robocalls by companies.

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