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2.5/Minute - No Monthly Min. - 6-second Billing - Free 800 Number

1. Is there any set up fee to start an account with ECG?

No, ECG does not charge anything to start an account. However, your local carrier usually charges a switching fee of up to $5 per line (which is not reimbursed).

2. Is there a minimum usage requirement?

There is no minimum usage for either business or residential users.

3. What is the process when signing up for ECG?

Just click on the "Sign Up Now" button below. You will be asked for your phone number to confirm that service is available from your area. Note the charges for local toll calls within your state, which are higher than 2.5 per minute. (For these local toll calls, you can sign with ECG, or continue to receive local toll service from your current carrier. The choice is yours.) Fill out the short form on the next screen and press submit. Usually, within a few minutes, you will receive an automated callback to confirm your order and your service should be switched within 3 to 7 working days.

4. Do I have to include my social security number?

No, it is optional.

5. Do I need to be at the number that I am requesting service on when I submit the form?

It would help because you will get an automated verification call usually within a few minutes after submitting your order. If you do not get the 3rd party verification call by the next day, please call the ECG call center at 1-877-332-3241 between 8am-9pm M-F Central time.

6. How long does it take for my service to get switched over to ECG?

After ECG has received a new account with proper authorization, the process takes approximately 3 - 7 business days. After the account has been set up by ECG, each customer will receive a welcome letter via e-mail explaining important information about their account. Included in this letter is information on how to verify if you have been switched and what to do if you have a "PIC freeze".

7. What is a "PIC Freeze" and how can I speed up transfer to ECG?

A "PIC Freeze" is a block your local phone company puts on your line, per your request, which protects you from being switched ("slammed") to another long distance carrier without your express consent. Before you fill out the form to switch to ECG's 2.5 state to state plan, call your local phone company and ask them to remove the PIC freeze from you account (if you put one on to start with). After your new service begins, it is a good idea to call your local phone company again and ask them to put the PIC freeze back on your account.

8. How will I know when my new service has been started?

Just call 1-700-555-4141. It will give you the name of the long distance company serving your line. Listen for "MCI" in all states except AZ and MT, where you will hear "Global Crossing". Customers who signed up in 2004 will hear "Qwest." You will also get an email notification. You might also call that same number before you switch so you will be able to recognize the change in names of the underlying carrier.

9. Will I receive my bill on my local phone bill?

No. ECG will bill you via email. If you want a paper bill, your rate will be 3.5 cents a minute, and there will be a $2.50 monthly charge.

10. When I pay my bill by credit card or debit from my checking account, when will my account be charged?

The charge will be submitted approximately 5 days before your payment is due, giving you enough time to review your bill first.

11. Do I have to dial any special codes to get my low ECG rates?

No. You may simply dial 1 plus the number you want to call.

11a. What are ECG's international rates and in-state local toll rates?

Here are the international rates, and here are the in-state local toll rates.

12. How does the Refer a Friend program work?

After your new long distance service begins, you can visit the ECG website to add the names of friends who might like to sign up for the 2.5 plan. You will receive 5% of the charges for the calls each one makes deducted from your bill. Your long distance bill could wind up being zero! Full details will be available after you sign up.

13. What is the USF fee?

All telecommunications carriers are required to contribute to the Federal Universal Service Fund (also known as USF) which provides communications services to schools, rural health care facilities, and certain other entities. The Federal Universal Service Fee is assessed on interstate and international calls only. A USF of 11.1% will apply to all state-to-state & international calls. It is charged on your monthly statement, and changes quarterly.

13a. Does ECG charge any other "junk fees"?

ECG now charges a Regulatory Recovery Fee of $2.99 to offset telecom tax regulation costs on each bill, and a $1.99 monthly fee. (OUCH!)

14. Is there any minimum commitment time as a customer?

No. You can discontinue service anytime as there is no contract.

15. Can my business sign up for the 2.5 rate?

Yes. Both residential and business customers qualify for this plan.

16. How can I have other questions answered?

Just call ECG customer service at 1-888-869-1141, 8am to 6pm central time, Monday through Friday.

If you are ready to begin the sign-up process, click below for online processing of your request.



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